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Hitman 3 Dubai world record a tie at nine seconds

Speedruns are already getting short and sweet

We’re only a few days post-launch of Hitman 3, and already the speedrun records are getting tight. The record for the first mission in the action-adventure game has been set at a minuscule nine seconds.

Verified by speedrun.com, two speedrunners have clocked in at just nine seconds in the any% category of On Top of the World, Hitman 3’s Dubai mission. The two runners, Wreak and Der_Lauch_Linus, use basically the same technique, shooting the pair of necessary targets while running up the steps towards the start of the stage.

The stealth game‘s Dubai level takes place in the Sceptre, a fictitious skyscraper, and as you walk in, you can see either mark on landings above you, standing amid groups. This means if you’re quick enough, and your aim strong enough, you can shoot both in the head using your silenced pistol without causing too much bedlam, and then promptly leave the way you entered. Not only do Wreak and Der_Lauch_Linus perform these shots with startling accuracy, you can see milliseconds could be shaved off in the time it takes to line up their aim. Nine seconds is hard to beat, but likely not impossible.

Here’s Wreak:

And here’s Der_Lauch_Linus:

The Silent Assassin record – meaning without detection or having a body discovered – for Dubai is a three-way tie at 16 seconds. It’s a tight race in all lanes, it seems. Check out our guide for the best Hitman 3 PC settings to make sure your machine’s performing at peak before you attempt a record of your own.