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Hitman is now available on Mac

Hitman Season One Mac

Update June 21, 2017: Following on from the good news that Io Interactive have retained the rights to Hitman, and they’re even pocketing the profits, the murderous sandbox stealth game is now on Mac. 

The Mac version comes from notorious Mac porting experts Feral Interactive so you can expect it to be a high quality conversion. 

Hitman is a glorious sandbox, and so are all these other games.

To that end, let’s take a look at the trailer for the Mac release of that very season. Ooo, you’re in for a treat, Mac-in-chums.

The complete first season of the game is now purchasable on the Feral Store, but it seems you can only buy the whole thing in one go – episodic structure be damned.

It’s also worth noting that the Mac version currently only supports AMD GPUs. News on Nvidia and Intel are coming in the future.

Original Story June 15, 2017: The future of Hitman is uncertain after Io Interactive’s breakup from Square Enix, but hey – we weren’t done celebrating just how good a job they did with Hitman: Season One yet.

This is the promise of Hitman at its best – that you’re just as likely to kill your mark with a plate of sushi as a shot from a sniper rifle. And episodic Hitman, so far, has been Hitman at its best – so good that you don’t even really hear people reminiscing about Blood Money anymore.

The Mac port comes from Feral Interactive, who are regularly employed by Square Enix for this purpose: if you played Tomb Raider or Sleeping Dogs on an Apple computer, you’ve appreciated their work.

Hitman comes to macOS on June 20th – while recent reports suggest Square Enix plan to continue the series without Io.