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Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff common room is a Harry Potter fan’s dream

The Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff common room has wowed fans with its attention to detail, earning Portkey Games the Harry Potter community's seal of approval

The Hogwarts Legacy release date remains unknown at the moment, but more and more gameplay footage of Portkey’s highly anticipated Harry Potter game is slipping out of the cracks. A new video shows off the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room, and the community is absolutely obsessed with how faithful it is to the lore.

Hogwarts Legacy is easily one of the most hyped upcoming PC games of 2022, breathing new life into the Harry Potter video game universe and diving deep into the history of the Wizarding World.

Known for their attention to detail, pleasing the extensive Harry Potter community can be a pretty hard task, but a behind the scenes video showing off Hogwarts Legacy’s Hufflepuff Common room has blown fans away by how faithful it is to the novels.

Hogwarts Legacy harry potter game hufflepuff common room video main hall with crest

Just and loyal, unfortunately Hufflepuffs are often left out in the cold for the likes of Gryffindors or Slytherins (except Newt Scamander, poster child of the Fantastic Beasts series). Not anymore, though, as a new development video shows off the entrance to their common room, and fans are loving it.

Posted on the game’s official subreddit, we see a blocky student approach the doorway and knock rhythmically. The first two knocks are slow, followed by three faster ones. This spells out Helga Hufflepuff (hel-ga-huff-le-puff), and perfectly matches the original entry method set out in the books.

“The DETAILS DUDE,” comments one excited fan. “The fact that they actually knock to the beat of Helga Hufflepuff… I’m so beyond happy they’re getting these tiny details right,” echoed by another response which reads “you love to see it!”

One Ravenclaw has been quick to ask about the entry to their own common room, especially because it “presents a fresh intellectual or philosophical challenge every time a person knocks on it.” Writing “I wonder if this means they will have a lore friendly entrance to the Ravenclaw common room,” they conclude “I’m interested to see if they can pull that off in a gameplay friendly way.”

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