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Hollow Knight Silksong could be coming soon as new rating appears

Team Cherry’s much-anticipated indie sequel Hollow Knight Silksong has been rated in Australia, reinforcing hopes of an announcement soon.

Hollow Knight Silksong release date: Hornet, the protagonist of Silksong, wielding her needle and thread.

Announced five entire years ago, with very little to be said of it since, Hollow Knight Silksong sometimes feels like a collective hallucination; a game that we all convinced ourselves will exist, but seems like it’ll never manifest itself into reality. However, that could be soon to change with recent developments in the game’s pre-release schedule, namely the fact it’s now been given an age rating of ‘PG’ by the Australian government’s Classification Board. Classifications like this usually occur when a game is readying up to reach the market, so it spells good news for Silksong’s release.

In order to decide on the Metroidvania game’s age rating, the staff at the Australian Classification Board inevitably needed to have an at least almost-final version of Hollow Knight Silksong to play and rate, suggesting that the Hollow Knight Silksong release date could be nearer than we’d hoped. This news is also following on from the game being rated by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee in February, which suggests that the game is ready to be shopped to several rating boards around the world, once again reinforcing the idea that Silksong could be on its way soon.

The Australian Classification Board's rating of Hollow Knight: Silksong

Finally, while it did unfortunately come off as an ill thought-out April Fool’s joke to some, the Microsoft Store page for Hollow Knight Silksong suddenly appeared on Monday April 1, lending further credence to Hollow Knight fans’ desperate hope (assuming you take it as more than a cruel joke). Please save us, Australian Classification Board.

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