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Steam’s biggest ultra-violent shooter is less than $3, but act fast

Hotline Miami 2 is dirt cheap in a Steam sale for a limited time, so if you've never played one of the best indies around, now's the time.

Hotline Miami 2 Steam sale: a man in a chicken mask

Hotline Miami 2 should always be on the list when we talk about iconic indie games. The fast-paced and punishing top-down combat might be a touch tighter overall in the 2012 original, but the sequel still channels that breakneck pace and rip-roaring synthwave soundtrack in a way that makes it a total joy to play. So if you’ve never played it, or just want to own it on your PC, you can grab it for cheap on Steam.

If you’re new to Hotline Miami 2, be prepared to die a lot. The sequel does channel the same sort of rhythm as the original: you’ll die fast to pumping music, and keep doing so until you defeat all the enemies in a level before they can one-tap you instead. The Hotline Miami series is as quick as it is ultra-violent, meaning the indie game stands alongside the likes of Super Meat Boy as one of the easiest to pick up and play at a moment’s notice.

Once you’re done with the sequel you might want more, so you’ll be glad to know that there’s a Hotline Miami 2 level editor where you can make and share your own work with the community. Think of it like Halo’s Forge mode but for a top-down blood-soaked indie.

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If you want to know what the designers of the game are up to next, Hotline Miami 2’s Jonatan Söderström teased their next project a few years ago, calling it “a passion project so I’m not sure who will enjoy it. But I’m sure some people will be horrified and others delighted!”

Hotline Miami 2 is available for 85% off until Thursday March 14, so expect to pay $2.24 / £1.91 until then. You’ll find the game on Steam right here.

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