Humankind devs reveal Brazilians, the next Contemporary culture for the 4X game

Brazil hits Humankind with an agrarian specialisation

Amplitude Studios’ take on 4X games is marching ever closer to release – even with that delay in mind – and the devs are continuing regular reveals for the cultures that will be playable in Humankind. We’re down to the reveals for the Contemporary era now, and after the Americans and Australians were unveiled over the past few weeks, it’s time to say hello to the Brazilians.

The Brazilians fit into the game’s agrarian archetype, and judging by the official art, the specialisation is inspired by Brazil’s real-life coffee trade. The culture’s emblematic district is the Agronomy Lab, which looks poised to give you some major agricultural bonuses. Brazil’s emblematic unit is the Jungle Brigade.

If you’ve missed the early details on how Humankind’s cultures work, it’s not the Civilization-style model where you choose a faction and take them all the way through history – instead, you pick up elements of different cultures throughout the game to build your own, unique civ in an effort to achieve victory.

Check out the teaser below.

The Humankind release date is set for August 17, and if you’re looking for more info on what to expect, you can follow that link.