Humankind’s Dia de los Muertos event extended after players report lost progress

Amplitude says fixes are inbound for Humankind's first seasonal event, and players will be reimbursed for their time

Historical 4X game Humankind has been running a seasonal event this month, but it’s run into a few snags. Players have reported losing progress on various challenges in Humankind’s Dia de los Muertos limited time event, which has led to frustration as it draws to its scheduled conclusion. Amplitude has announced that it’s got a fix on the way, and that it’s extending the event into December to give players more time to finish.

Dia de los Muertos will now run until December 21, rather than wrapping up today, November 30. Amplitude says it’s worked out what the problem was that was causing lost progress on the event challenges, but that it won’t be ready to deploy a fix until mid-December.

Many players reported losing their progress on the Civil Evolution and Necropolis challenges, while others said they’d been able to complete all the challenges and unlock the new avatar preset, Catrina, but were not able to use it. Fortunately, Amplitude says it will be granting the event rewards to anyone who has made progress on any of the challenges prior to the forthcoming patch.

The studio says that it won’t be able to apply the fix retroactively, since some of the challenge tracking data has been lost. Once the patch has rolled out, however, normal challenge tracking will resume – although you’ll only have about a week and change to get through them at that point.

As noted above, anyone who makes partial progress on any of the challenges prior to the arrival of the patch will receive the Dia de los Muertos rewards, so now’s probably a good time to drop in for a game of Humankind.