Humankind to get an update for religion and sieges in April

A patch for history-bending 4X game Humankind is due out in April, but there's a special event kicking off today in honour of the Indian Holi festival

An update is on the way for historical 4X game Humankind. The ‘Vitruvian’ patch is scheduled to arrive at the end of April, addressing some balance issues, adding some options for notifications, making improvements to the religion system, and more. There’s also a limited-time event starting up today, so there’s still plenty to do while you wait for the patch to arrive next month.

Developer Amplitude Studios says the Vitruvian update will include a balancing pass for affinities, which will include some additional restrictions on builders and scientists. Builders include the Egyptians, Maya, Khmer, Mughals, Persians, Siamese, and Australians. Scientist cultures include the Babylonians, Greeks, Umayyads, Joseon, French, Japanese, and Swedes.

Improvements to religion will also be coming in the Vitruvian update. Specifically, the AI will now once again adopt historic religions, which it had more or less stopped doing after the update that separated religions and tenets. The tenet screen itself is getting updated to “show tenet effects and how to adopt historic religions more clearly,” Amplitude says.

The Vitruvian update will also add more options for controlling notifications you get while playing Humankind. Rather than turning all notifications on or off, you’ll be able to select which types of notifications you want to see, and which you’d prefer to keep hidden.

Another nice fix coming in the update: you’ll no longer be able to lose access to the siege engines you’re using during a war.

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That patch is still a month off, but in the meantime you can hop into Humankind for a celebration of India’s Holi Festival. The event features three in-game challenges to complete in order to earn new symbols, decorations, and the new Nayakuralu Nagamma persona.

The event runs today through April 11, and a second chapter will begin March 24, at which time three more in-game challenges will unlock.

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