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Hunt: Showdown leaderboards are going away for now

Crytek says that Hunt: Showdown's leaderboards are being deactivated while the team comes up with a better way to "recognise the best Hunters"

Hunt: Showdown leaderboards: A gunslinger fires weapons in two directions as enemies approach on the front porch of a saloon

Hunt: Showdown will be dropping its leaderboards, at least for the time being, once update 1.9 rolls out. The developers say they’ll be going back to the drawing board to come up with a “better solution” for “recognising the best of the best hunters” in light of recent exploits in the game and the survival game’s general focus on things that aren’t easily captured in a kill/death ratio.

“Leaderboards are an important feature of Hunt: Showdown, however, we feel that the current version is not in line with the original vision we have for recognizing the best of the best Hunters,” Crytek says in a recent update on Steam. “This is in part due to past issues with exploits and the focus on KD over quality solo and team play.”

The Hunt team says community feedback informed the decision to pull the leaderboards with update 1.9, and that a new version can be expected at some point in the future – but the developers don’t have a timeline for when players can expect to see the new version.

The studio notes that all information that’s currently tracked on the leaderboards will remain available in player’s profiles.

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.9 is currently available on the Hunt: Showdown test servers.