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Hunt: Showdown gets a patch next week to help with recent performance issues

Hunt: Showdown players have noticed a decrease in performance and some other odd bugs lately

A player readies a sticky bomb in Hunt: Showdown.

Hunt: Showdown players have been noticing some odd hiccups in the PvPvE multiplayer game recently. Over the past few weeks, Hunt players have complained of performance issues and other strange bugs, such as full compounds not loading in – but the developers say they’re hard at work on tracking these down, and an initial patch will be out next week.

The next update for Hunt: Showdown, version 1.7.2, should release on PC next week, Crytek says, as long as everything goes according to plan. The developers say it’s a “tentative fix” for some of the most commonly encountered issues players have seen: FPS drops, stuttering, and an overall loss of performance in-game. Some of this seems to be connected to the Steam overlay, as players have theorised, but Crytek says it’s still looking into the issue.

The stranger bug is the issue with compounds not loading into the map. If you’re not a Hunt player, compounds are the built-up areas that serve as the game’s important landmarks – they’re where most of the action goes down, since that’s where clues and bosses tend to spawn.

Obviously, having one not show up where it’s supposed to be is a bit of an issue, but Crytek says it’s been a difficult bug to reproduce. However, the team says it’s found a potential solution and will deploy it as part of next week’s update.

A more detailed blog post will be along in February to discuss what we can look forward to in Hunt: Showdown in the near future.