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Fallout meets Stardew Valley in this post-apocalyptic survival game

Mandragora's upcoming survival game is a cozy blend of post-apocalyptic Fallout vibes and wholesome farming themes from games like Stardew Valley.

A red-haired and bearded man sits atop a roof beside a small robot, holding a fishing rod

I Am Future has caught my eye, making an impression on me that many other survival games fail to. It merges more wholesome qualities from some of my favorite games ever, like Stardew Valley, with a more serious setting from iconic post-apocalyptic RPGs such as Fallout to create a uniquely cozy experience. I Am Future manages to turn what would otherwise be a grim situation into an opportunity to start fresh, as it introduces you to a flooded world in which you must become self-sufficient atop the once-magnificent city’s ruins.

In what appears to be one of the most positive post-apocalyptic games yet, I Am Future offers a relaxing experience where you build your rooftop camp amid a flooded city. You will need to cook tasty food, dismantle various tools for crafting resources, set up your farm, and uncover the mystery behind the catastrophe that left the world in such a devastated state. You won’t be all alone though, as you can automate your chores by recruiting adorable little robots.

These companions will be able to perform a variety of tasks throughout your camp. You can also send drones out to explore the flooded city in hopes of discovering new survivors and answers. By gathering old-world gadgets and dismantling them in a unique mini-game to gain resources, you can make all sorts of cool constructs. I Am Future is set to launch in early access on Tuesday, August 8.

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You can purchase I Am Future directly from Steam here, where the game will be available for $14.99 with a limited-time 10% discount during its first week on the storefront. Personally, I’m excited to be able to build things like seawater desalinators and molecular synthesizers. These sorts of mechanics aren’t usually found in games like Stardew Valley, or even in more survival-focused titles.

Of course, I’m also happy to farm and fish as I do in most of my cozier games, especially as it won’t just be a run-of-the-mill money grind. I Am Future brings an entirely new way to do such simple tasks as you’ll be doing everything while on rooftops reclaimed by the city’s flora following the apocalyptic flooding.

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