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Here’s 45 seconds of ILL, an Unreal 5 Resident Evil-like starring Leon S. Kennedy

Here's a brief look at the gorgeous Unreal Engine 5-powered horror ILL, which looks like Resident Evil meets Dead Space.

ILL is a new Unreal 5 horror that mixes Resident Evil, Condemned, and The Thing.

There’s a new teaser trailer out for one of the most promising-looking horror games in development: ILL, an Unreal Engine 5-powered FPS that seems to be combining Resident Evil 7, Dead Space, and The Thing – and stars the voice behind Resident Evil 2’s protagonist Leon S. Kennedy.

ILL is the first game from new developer Team Clout, and the team has released small updates and snippets of gameplay throughout 2021 which shows just how disturbing the game is getting. ILL is a first-person horror game built on Unreal Engine 5 with some truly disgusting monster design that gives off Dead Space and The Thing vibes, with the small slices of gameplay suggesting Resident Evil 7 or Condemned: Criminal Origins.

The new teaser is the first thing that’s been released on Team Clout’s YouTube channel and is monster-free and only 45 seconds long, so it’s more to showcase the detailed environment, icy atmosphere, and lead actor Nick Apostolides – who’s best known as Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Last year Team Clout was promising a playable demo at some point so it’s unknown when or if that will appear. However, it seems unlikely that this very teasing video will be the only thing the developer releases on ILL, so expect to see more gameplay soon.

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If that’s not action-packed enough for you, here’s a brief slice of older gameplay – from before ILL moved to Unreal 5 – showing some shotgun combat against the game’s disturbing monsters in a more Resident Evil 7-like hallway.

Besides ILL, 2022 promises to be a great year for horror, as we should learn a lot more about the Dead Space remake at some point, get some sort of DLC for Resident Evil Village, and who knows – we may even get a new Silent Hill if we’re lucky.