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Bask in the dark glory of the world’s first esports shoe

Immortals x K-Swiss

Ever since American basketballer Chuck Taylor lent his name to a distinctive pair of sneakers, shoes have been associated with athletes. But even as esports continue to rise in cultural prominence, we’ve not seen a pair of sneakers made for gaming’s athletes. Until now.

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Behold. What you see above is a shoe designed for esports competition. It’s a collaboration between K-Swiss and esports organization The Immortals, exclusively for the Immortals’ professional teams.

Together, the companies are launching two footwear models: the one pictured above is a “lifestyle” model, while the other is a performance shoe designed both for travel and long hours behind a computer desk. The lifestyle shoe is based on K-Swiss’ “Kompass,” which has a breathable mesh top and flexible sole, plus a “pillow-like” insole that cushions the heel.

The performance model will debut in 2019, and the design will be based on K-Swiss visiting the Immortals’ training facility in Los Angeles and incorporating what they find there into a shoe that is “cool, lightweight, and breathable.”

The Immortals x K-Swiss lifestyle shoe is set to launch for consumers in December at a retail price of $110 USD, and it’ll be available through select retailers and on K-Swiss’ website.

The L.A.-based Immortals field professional teams in Dota 2, Smash, Clash Royale, and Arena of Valor.

Top image credit: Immortals x K-Swiss

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WhiteCrow avatarClutchy avatarpanbient avatar
WhiteCrow Avatar
3 Weeks ago

I mean, obviously it's partly for humor, right? They know that?

An actual item a professional gamer could take advantage of with its form and function would be a cushion for your ass. I mean what are you doing while gaming? You're sitting on it. Get them a hi-tech, contoured memory foam cushion for their cheeks while they're pwning some noobs.

Clutchy Avatar
3 Weeks ago

Yeah! Everybody knows that real gamers play wearing only one sock that is mostly bunched up around the toes.

panbient Avatar
3 Weeks ago

Wait wait wait... this one isn't Point and Clickbait?