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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams released on Steam having passed through Kickstarter and Greenlight to get there


Crowd around gamers, come closer, this game is yours. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has been released on Steam as a result of first finding development funding through Kickstarter and then finding support through Valve’s Greenlight project. So you lot, you made this happen.

Giana Sisters is a remake of the Mario clone made back in 1987, The Great Giana Sisters. It first sought backing through Kickstarter, raising more than $180,000.

It caught pledgers’ attention because it was just so damn good looking, that, and its world switching mechanic. At the press of a button you can morph the world between nightmare and candy themes, making some objects solid and others intangible.

The game was already pretty near completion when they started their project, just finishing up the levels and morphing effects.

Pretty shortly after it reached its target, Giana made its way over to Valve’s Greenlight platform. It wasn’t among the first ten games to get nominated but it made it through on the second batch.

From Black Forest Games’ Youtube channel:

And now it’s available in the store.

Why all this rigmarole of a post? Well, there’s been an awful lot of negativity surrounding Greenlight, and two recent Kickstarter project failures (Haunts and Loot Drop’s Old School RPG). It’s justified but it is easy to forget that this burst in crowdfunding and crowdsupport isn’t all bad, that we can get some great games out of it.