Indies invade The Gadget Show Live 2014

Gadget Show Live 2014 Indie Game Zone

It’s nearly impossible to put on a big event where gaming plays a role without paying some attention to independent developers. They’re getting BAFTAs, are all over E3 and fill up huge areas at the likes of PAX and other expos. 

With that in mind, the annual Gadget Show Live – taking place in Birmingham between April 9th and 13th – is hosting its first Indie Game Zone, showcasing the work of eight UK developers. They’ll exhibit their games and attendees will have access to exclusive content, the organiser says. 

The Indie Game Zone will have the debut of Total Monkery’s MagNets, a game of robotic shenanigans. West London Games will be showing off TerraTech in demo form with some new content. Opposable Games will be bringing its real-time tactics game, Salvaged, revealing new features for the first time. Sock Thuggery’s retro-inspired side-scrolling shooter Mighty Tactical Shooter (you might have seen it at Rezzed) is making an appearance. Xbox 360 and soon-to-be PC title FortressCraft will be there with devs Projector Games. Ether One – which Lewie likened to Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind – will be demoed by White Paper One. And Bumpkin Brothers is bringing Space Farmers, because the last thing you need in the vacuum of space is a lack of healthy veg.

Along with the indie offerings, 2K’s Evolve, Jagex’s Transformers Universe and 505’s Sniper Elite 3 are all going to be at the show for folk to take for a spin.