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Infinity Nikki release date estimate, beta, trailer, and latest news

The Infinity Nikki release date brings the dress-up anime series to PC for the first time, and you can sign up for the beta ahead of launch.

Infinity Nikki release date: Nikki and Momo pose together in the lobby of one of the buildings in Miraland.

When is the Infinity Nikki release date? Developer Infold Games brings us an open-world adventure that takes the eponymous Nikki and her faithful cat companion Momo from the confines of mobile devices and transports them to PC and console for the first time.

Infinity Nikki marks the fifth installment in the mobile gacha game series, applying the core experience of playing dress-up and integrating it into a vast open world. Players can mix and match Nikki’s outfits to unlock abilities and traverse the landscape in new and exciting ways. Alongside platform-driven exploration and extensive character customization, Infinity Nikki also includes staple life game elements, including fishing, bug-catching, and cooking. If all that sounds like a dream come true, here’s when to expect the Infinity Nikki release date.

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Infinity Nikki release date estimate

We expect the Infinity Nikki release date to fall sometime in Q1 2025. This would give developer Infold Games time to implement player feedback following the beta test period in Q3 2024. However, we may see Infinity Nikki arrive on PC after its console launch, which would potentially push it further into next year.

Infold Games announced Infinity Nikki back in November 2022, so we know it’s been in active development at the studio for at least several years. The imminent beta also suggests there’s not long to go until its final full release.

Infinity Nikki is due to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android. In the meantime, you can pre-register to receive updates and any potential milestone rewards that Infold Games might announce later down the line.

A snapshot of Miraland, with beautiful ruins filled with purple flowers against a backdrop of blue skies and high mountains, which we can explore following the Infinity Nikki release date.

Infinity Nikki beta

The Infinity Nikki beta sign-ups are officially open from Friday, May 31, 2024, giving some eager fans in North America a chance to experience everything the dress-up game has to offer before launch. The Whim playtest will have all in-app purchases disabled and any progress successful entrants make will not carry over to the launch build.

You can opt into the beta by filling out the official survey before it closes on Friday, June 21, 2024 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm BST. Successful participants will be selected according to their survey answers and will receive access via email, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox during the beta period.

Infold Games will likely announce the official beta period start and the length of its duration once player recruitment has ended. The State of Play trailer confirmed that the PS5 beta test will commence in Q3 2024, and we expect the PC version to occur concurrently or shortly after the console version goes live.

Nikki poses on top of a UFO in her space suit, just one of the outfits available following the Infinity Nikki release date.

Infinity Nikki gameplay

Infinity Nikki takes its cue from landmark open-world games like Breath of the Wild – and with ex-Nintendo game director Kentaro Tominaga attached to the project, that’s certainly no coincidence. The vast world of Miraland is home to many cultures that Nikki can encounter on her travels, and each one will present new fashion styles and magical outfits to design and collect.

However, these outfits aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re essential to overcome the many platform game challenges and environmental puzzles that await in the open world. Whether Nikki floats, glides, or shrinks in size, there’s always a way forward. However, we’re most intrigued by the Purification Outfit, which allows Nikki to free creatures from demonic corruption. Miraland may be in more peril than its pastoral panoramas might lead us to believe, and it’s up to Nikki and Momo to save it.

While purification constitutes a form of combat, it’s important to remember that Infinity Nikki is a relaxing game at heart. Feel free to explore at your own pace, enjoy a hot air balloon ride, and eventually craft outfits using materials gathered along the way. Naturally, Momo’s Camera is at your disposal, so you can show off your favorite outfits and document your adventure from beginning to end.

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Infinity Nikki trailers

The Infinity Nikki announcement trailer released in November 2022, giving us our first glimpse of gameplay, and it’s just as beautiful in Unreal Engine 5 as we expected. We get to see Nikki effortlessly navigating various locations using her outfit abilities, riding a mine cart, and fleeing a collapsing ruin.

This trailer also confirms that we’ll be able to access the more elusive parts of the island as Momo who can squeeze into tight spaces and use his sharp claws to climb vertical paths. Of course, Nikki can stick along for the ride thanks to her Shrinking Outfit, which lets her sit on Momo’s head as he explores.

A masked woman hangs suspended in the air with chains of corruption, her identity a mystery until the Infinity Nikki release date.

The Infinity Nikki State of Play trailer aired in May 2024 and reveals the story’s isekai premise, which kicks off just as Nikki and Momo are transported to a never-before-seen version of Miraland in an alternate timeline. It also gave us a snapshot of Infinity Nikki’s combat mechanics and a potential boss battle against a corrupted golem. Nikki dodges its sequence of attacks and sends a blast of healing magic at its core.

The trailer also revealed some of the more unique locations in Miraland like a haunted house and beauty lab, culminating in a brief glimpse of the dark side of Infinity Nikki’s storyline.

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