New Intel 14th Gen price leak is good news for our wallets

The Raptor Lake refresh series pricing has been leaked ahead of an official annoucement, and it will not incrrease prices vs the previous gen.

Intel Core 14th Gen CPUs price leaks

It’s hard to know if there’s any information left for Intel to reveal in regard to its 14th gen CPU lineup as retail pricing is now out in the wild. The good news is that the Raptor Lake refresh isn’t going to increase the pricing from last year and will follow the example set by the 13th gen lineup.

With the COVID-19 pandemic having led to some severe availability issues on tech components over the last four years, it’s nice to see some stability return to the market with Intel 14th gen CPUs not having their price inflated, despite the improved performance they offer.

The Intel Core i9 14900K tops the list at $589, with the i9 14900KF coming in at $564. For the i7 range, the 14700K will cost $409 and the 14700KF is $384. Finally, the Intel Core i5 14600K (check our Intel Core i5-14600K review) will cost $319 while the 14600KF will cost $294.

A nearly $300 dollar difference between the top and bottom product is to be expected given the drastic difference in performance. However, upgrading to the latest gen for less than $300 is an attractive proposition. While the Intel 13th gen CPUs can be bought below their initial retail cost now, these prices are a great way to establish an expected baseline cost going forward. Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule with game-changing tech, but for a refresh like this, it’s a fair deal.

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