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New Intel APO testing pushes Rainbow Six Siege above 1,100 fps

Intel's Application Optimization (APO) tech only supports two games, Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus, but more games are set to be added in the future.

Intel APO frame gains in Rainbow Six Siege

The new Intel APO technology, supported on its Core i9 14900K and Core i7 14700K CPUs, has been tested and shown to push the performance of its supported titles to incredible lengths. This could be the future of game optimization from Intel, but it needs more supported titles added soon.

While Intel has discussed APO and its benefits before, it currently supports just two games, Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus. However, testing shows that fps can be increased by over 30% in benchmarking done with APO enabled. This could benefit the Intel 14th gen i7 and i9 chips in their goal to be the best gaming CPUs.

YouTuber Talon’s Tech took it upon themselves to run tests on Intel APO in the two compatible games; Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus. Despite some considerable roadblocks in getting the correct drivers installed, once this was done, all they needed to do was download the APO app from the Microsoft Store.

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Using an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU alongside their Intel Core i9 14900K, they ran the initial benchmark, with global low graphics settings, and got a result of 667 fps as an average. The only change they made was restarting the game with Intel APO enabled and running the benchmark test again. Instantly, the gains are noticeable and at one point, the fps tops out at 1,163 with the overall average being 865.

These are pretty incredible gains for only activating CPU optimization tech, so we’d be keen to see what Intel APO can accomplish with higher graphical settings and in a wider range of games.

We recently took a look at the Intel Core i5 14600K, which may not be compatible with APO, but is a more than admirable gaming CPU if you’re in need of an upgrade.