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Intel Arc A380 GPU finally goes on sale but only in one country

The Intel Arc A380 graphics card is now available exclusively in China, with only one manufacturer producing one model of the budget GPU

An Intel Arc A380 floats amidst a metallic background

The Intel Arc A380 is the first discrete graphics card from the Intel Arc Alchemist line up to make it to market, following on from the release of several gaming laptop APUs and months of delays. However, the company has chosen to further stagger the launch of its budget pixel pusher by limiting its release to just one country for the time being.

If your heart is set on upgrading your gaming PC with an Intel Arc A380 graphics card, you’ll need to order one from China, as it’s the only region to boast any stock whatsoever. To make matters worse, Gunnir seems to be the only manufacturer producing a model of the GPU.

Looking at Chinese retailer JD (via Videocardz), the Intel Arc A380 is currently selling for ¥1,2999 CNY (approx. $192.60 USD / £159.95 GBP). This is slightly more expensive than the price points found on a recently leaked Arc pricing document, but we may see it go for cheaper once it reaches other regions.

If it’s performance you’re after, you may be better off waiting for the RTX 4000 series or RDNA 3 GPUs to arrive later this year rather than opting for the Intel Arc A380. That said, the flagship A770 is team blue’s best shot at nabbing the title of the best graphics card from the company’s competitors, but it remains to be seen whether it can hold its own.