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Save over $140 on a top-range Intel gaming CPU, if you act fast

Amazon has loads of Intel CPUs on sale, including the great Core i9 13900KF for only $450 in a limited-time deal you shouldn't miss out on.

Intel Core i9 13900KF amazon deal

If you’re after a great gaming CPU deal, look no further. Amazon has a ton of Intel processors on limited-time discounts right now, including $148.48 off the Intel Core i9 13900KF, bringing it down to $450.52.

While the Intel Core i9 13900KF may not occupy a spot on our best gaming CPU guide, this is largely because it was succeeded by the 14th gen i9 14900K. Intel’s KF chips strip away the integrated graphics, meaning a discrete graphics card is required, but they come at a slightly lower MSRP to make up for the absence.

At full MSRP, despite the slight difference in price, many gamers would still opt for the i9 13900K, keeping the iGPU in place in the event of an emergency. However, there is a considerable difference in price thanks to the Amazon sale discounts, meaning it’s well worth ditching the iGPU in this scenario.

The $599 MSRP on Amazon does appear to be slightly inflated, as Newegg currently has the 13900KF listed for $569.99, but the $450.52 sale price is a substantial saving either way for this 24-core beast.

At base power, the 13900KF demands 125W and delivers 2.2GHz on its 16 efficiency cores and 3.0GHz on its eight performance cores. At the max turbo frequency of 5.8GHz, the 13900KF gets power-hungry and demands up to 253W, so make sure you have a suitable PSU to handle it as well as your graphics card.

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