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The last Intel Core i9 CPU arrives next week according to new leak

A new leak confirms previous rumors about the launch of the Intel Core i9 14900KS but narrows its mid-March release window down to the day.

An Intel Core i9 logo, waving, as it passes beyond the horizon on a sunet sea

It’s almost time to bid the Intel Core i branding a final farewell, as the Core i9 14900KS release date draws near. Now, we have firm confirmation of when we can expect to see this last hurrah for Intel’s Core ix names on store shelves.

The 14900KS is unlikely to put Intel at the top of our best gaming CPU list, but it will nonetheless boast the accolade of the fastest stock clocks of any Core i9 processor ever. The chip will undoubtedly cultivate some attention from collectors too, keen to own a piece of PC history.

The question of the Core i9 14900KS specs has already been largely answered by the rumor mill, thanks to a torrent of leaks, including its class-leading clock speeds, worryingly-high TDP, and more, and now we have a rumored date for when this CPU will finally see the light of day. According to Videocardz, the Core i9 14900KS release date is Thursday, March 14, 2024.

This date builds on previous launch window rumors from a few weeks ago that placed the release of the Core i9 14900KS at some time in mid-March. We don’t yet know how much the CPU will cost, but early listings among European retailers put the Core i9 14900KS price much higher than that of the current flagship, the Core i9 14900K. Regardless, though, limited stock could prompt a higher asking price.

I look forward to the future of Core Ultra desktop processors, especially after seeing the $380 million machine that will make them. That said, as someone who fondly remembers when the first i5 and i7 processors debuted back in 2008, I do wish Intel had ended this branding with more of a bang than the Core i9 14900KS.