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Intel’s new gaming CPU range has a name, and it just leaked

Intel Core Ultra 200 revealed as the new model name for upcoming "15th gen" processors, based on Intel's new Arrow Lake architecture

intel core ultra 200

There’s a new Intel CPU leak and this time it reveals that the official product name for the upcoming Arrow Lake CPU architecture will be Intel Core Ultra 200. As expected, this means the new generation of Intel CPUs often referred to as “Intel 15th gen” will follow in the footsteps of its recent Meteor Lake chips, rather than its 14th gen desktop chips, when it comes to naming convention.

The new Intel chips that are destined to duke it out with AMD for places on our best gaming CPU list have had many details of their design leaked, but this is the first hint we’ve had of the naming style we’ll see for them.

In many ways, it was entirely predictable that this would be the nomenclature for Arrow Lake, as these chips follow directly after last year’s launch of the first range of Intel Core Ultra CPUs, the Intel Core Ultra 100 range. Those chips were based on the troubled Meteor Lake architecture, which Intel ended up having to skip on the desktop, with only mobile chips for laptops made available.

In practice, you won’t actually see ‘200’ emblazoned on any of these CPUs, if what the latest information from tech leaker Golden Pig Upgrade Package says about this naming convention is true. Instead, chips will arrive with a number that starts with ‘2’ and is followed by two further numbers and a letter, assuming Intel continues with the same style as for its 100 series of chips. That means we’ll likely see an Intel Core Ultra 255H to follow on from the Meteor-Lake based Core Ultra 155H that was used in the MSI Claw, for instance.

According to the leak, Arrow Lake CPUs will be getting the full Core Ultra 200 brand, but there will reportedly also be a Core 200H lineup of mobile CPUs, without the Ultra name. Intriguingly, the leak says these CPUs will be based on a refresh of the aging Raptor Lake architecture, rather than the forthcoming Arrow Lake architecture.

As for when the 15th generation of Intel Core processors will arrive, there’s a chance we’ll see them revealed at the Computex 2024 trade show in Taiwan in June. Otherwise, a launch later this year is expected. For a closer look at what we can expect from the new Intel Arrow Lake architecture, you can check out this Intel Arrow Lake picture leak story, which shows what we believe to be the new physical layout of the chips with their many chiplet parts.