MSI Claw release date confirmed along with pre-orders

Following its CES reveal, the MSI Claw A1M specs and price are public info, but a release date just been confirmed in one major market.

MSI Claw release date

The MSI Claw looks set to be another admirable PC gaming handheld, but whether or not it dethrones the Steam Deck OLED remains to be seen. As the first major Intel handheld, it feels as though there is more riding on the success of the Claw A1M.

On paper, the MSI Claw has the makings of one of the best PC gaming handhelds, even if it may struggle to catch up to the Steam Deck right away. Now, following a release date leak, we know when we’ll be getting our hands on a retail unit, but that comes with a caveat.

MSI Claw release date

The MSI Claw is set to release on Wednesday, March 20 according to UK retailer Currys, who recently set pre-orders live for the new handheld.

MSI Claw UK price and release date

It’s notable that the Intel Core Ultra 7 A1M 512GB model is missing from the online store, but otherwise, the Core Ultra 7 1TB and Core Ultra 5 512GB models are present and ready to purchase.

MSI Claw price

The MSI Claw price will vary based on there being three models, starting at $699.99 (£699.00) for the Intel Core Ultra 5 model and rising to $799.99 (£799.00) for the 1TB Core Ultra 7 spec.

As part of the release date leak on PC Components, the price for both Intel Core Ultra 7 models is shown as €879 for the 512GB and €929 for the 1TB. This could mean that US pricing is well below the expected MSRP in Europe although it should be noted that US prices are not inclusive of sales tax, either. Prices in general, however, are always subject to change up until a product is released.

MSI Claw specs

MSI is releasing three Claw A1M models, one of which is an entry-level spec with an Intel Core Ultra 5 135H CPU with integrated Arc graphics. This model also features 16GB LPDDR5 RAM and a 512GB SSD.

Claw A1M 052US Claw A1M 051US/050US
OS Windows 11 Windows 11
CPU Intel Core Ultra 5 135H Intel Core Ultra 7 155H
GPU Intel Arc graphics Intel Arc graphics
Display 7 Inch, FDH, IPS, 1920×1080, 500 nits 7 Inch, FDH, IPS, 1920×1080, 500 nits
Storage 512GB SSD 512GB SSD (051US)
1TB (050US)

The two remaining models adopt the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H APU, with the only variation between them being that one has 512GB of storage and the other has 1TB. All models will run on Windows 11.

On its display, the MSI Claw has a 7-inch FHD IPS screen, capable of 120Hz with VRR (variable refresh rate) included between 48-120Hz. The battery is a class-leading 53WHr, which equates to around three hours of gaming even at full power draw. With brightness being important for PC gaming handhelds to ensure the screen remains visible while out and about, the MSI Claw packs in 500 nits. That doesn’t quite rival the latest smartphones but is higher than typical gaming monitors, for instance.

It has two 2W speakers and a 3.5mm audio combo jack while also supporting Bluetooth audio peripherals. The power button has a built-in fingerprint sensor, just like the ROG Ally, and for additional storage, you can use a microSD card but there is no additional internal slot for extra SSDs.

If you want to check out our early impressions of the latest gaming handheld, read our MSI Claw preview from CES where we were mightily impressed by the portable, even if it may struggle to surpass the Steam Deck.