Intel Raptor Lake CPUs may be more expensive than 12th Gen

The processor manufacturer may be planning to increase the prices of all its products later this year, which likely includes Intel Raptor Lake chips

An Intel Core CPU

Intel Raptor Lake CPUs are due to launch later this year, hopefully providing a solid performance boost over their 12th Gen counterparts. However, it appears that these new processors may be more expensive than the company’s current best gaming CPUs were on release.

A report in Nikkei Asia (via Tom’s Hardware) claims that Intel will raise the prices of its components across the board later this year, which could affect its upcoming Raptor Lake processors. These increases are set to fall in Q4 of 2022, but no one can be sure how it’ll impact the pricing of individual SKUs.

According to Nikkei Asia, Intel cites “inflationary pressures” as the reason behind its impending price hikes, and the company has now begun to inform its customers of its plans to increase pricing.

It’s unclear whether team red will follow Intel’s lead and make its AMD Ryzen 7000 processors more expensive than their 5000 series brethren, making upgrading the CPU inside a gaming PC a costly affair no matter which chip brand you opt for. For now, it’s best to take this news with a hopeful pinch of salt.