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Intel Raptor Lake CPU lineup and specs sheet allegedly leaks

The Intel Raptor Lake CPU series of desktop processors may comprise of 14 models, with all but one packing more efficiency cores than their 12th Gen counterpart

An Intel LGA1700 CPU, either Raptor Lake or Alder Lake, against a dark blue background, its heatspreader floating indepdently from the silicon below it

The entire Intel Raptor Lake CPU lineup appears to have found its way online well before release, revealing what chips will be part of team blue’s 13th Gen Core processor series. Additionally, this document also allegedly contains some information on specs including clock speeds, core counts, and more.

These new details on the Intel Raptor Lake CPU lineup come from a bilibili post by Extreme Player (via harukaze5719), whose screenshot appears to contain 14 SKUs ranging from the flagship Core i9 13900 to the entry i3 13100. At a glance, it seems that team blue is hoping adding more efficiency cores to every processor bar one can help them maintain the lead in the battle against AMD for the title of best gaming CPU.

Thee Core i9 13900, i7 13700, and i5 13600 will all boast double the amount of E-cores compared to their predecessors, with the i5 13500 and i5 13400 featuring more than just P-cores for the first time.

TDP appears to be unchanged across the range, but base frequencies are curiously generally lower than those found on 12th Gen equivalents, particularly towards the high end of the Raptor Lake lineup.

While these details do help us understand what to expect from upcoming Raptor Lake CPUs, we should treat this information with the same wariness (and seasoning of salt) that we would any other leak or rumour.

Thankfully, it shouldn’t be much longer before we find out just how powerful 13th Gen Intel Core processors are, with the chips expected to be revealed at the upcoming Intel Innovation event.

Whether they’ll be good enough to sway those looking to upgrade their gaming PC away from the temptations of the AMD Ryzen 7000 series remains to be seen. Regardless, we could be on the cusp of a very exciting period for the processor space.