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This Elden Ring graphics card is beautiful, but there’s a catch

These special edition Shadow of the Erdtree graphics cards from Gunnir are spectacular, but they're only coming to Intel's A750 and A770.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Intel Gunnir GPU

Gunnir is capitalizing on Elden Ring’s upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC by releasing special-edition graphics cards sporting its imagery. The design features Messmer the Impaler, who is one of the bosses featured in the new expansion. There’s a catch, though, which is that the new cards are based on Intel’s Arc A750 and A770 GPUs.

While no Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs currently occupy our list of the best graphics cards, we’re eagerly awaiting more news on its Battlemage line. Little is officially known about this new architecture, but early leaks have offered some positive signs.

Eldned Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Intel Graphics Card

Our Elden Ring review scored the game 10/10 and it dominated the game of the year discussions across the industry in 2022. It was only a matter of time before brands started jumping on its Shadow of the Erdtree expansion as a marketing opportunity.

Gunnir is the first to offer Elden Ring branded graphics cards, with its Intel Arc A750 and A770 Photon models. The A770 is Intel’s high-end Alchemist GPU, with 32 Xe-cores, up to 16GB of VRAM, and a 2,100MHz base clock speed. However, VideoCardz reports that this clock speed will probably be increased to 2,400MHz on the Elden Ring card, as it’s overclocked. In our Intel Arc A770 review, we stated that this GPU “a mixed bag,” highlighting its decent value compared to competitors, but also its unfortunate compatibility issues and variable performance.

As for the A750, a mid-tier offering, it has 28 Xe-cores with a 2,050MHz base clock speed and is only available with 8GB of VRAM. There’s no confirmation of the Elden Ring variant’s clock speeds, but it is also listed as an overclocked card. Previous A750 Photon OC models have also achieved a 2,400MHz clock speed.

For the design, an image of Messmer the Impaler, a boss from the Shadow of the Erdtree, takes pride of place on the backplate, while Elden Ring is emblazoned on the center of the middle fan. As for the rest of the card, the design remains the same as a typical black variant, which includes a light-up Gunnir logo.

While handing out game codes with graphics cards is common practice, there is no confirmation yet that buying one of these Elden Ring graphics cards will get you a code for the base game or the DLC.

It’s also worth noting that Gunnir graphics cards are quite hard to get a hold of in the US and Europe, with them only occasionally popping up on Newegg via third-party sellers.

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