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These Jurassic World Evolution 2 mods let you build and terraform however you want

A challenge is great, but sometimes you just want to build your Jurassic World Evolution 2 park without all the rules

A huge Mosasaurus leaps from the water in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

We get it – a management game like Jurassic World Evolution 2 needs to offer a challenge, and give you something to work toward by overcoming those challenges. The thing is, if we were into following the rules, we wouldn’t be building a park full of carnivorous dinosaurs to begin with, right? So we found a couple of mods that remove the normal constraints on building you find by default in JWE2.

Both mods were created by Kaidenic, and together they open up your options without changing the core game. The first is Expanded Terrain Tools, which removes constraints on rock placement (you can plonk them down even if their ghost is red), and gives you a wider range of sizes for your terrain tool. The mod also adds an intensity slider, so you can set up a big brush that adds sparse trees, or a tiny brush that paints them in as densely as possible.

The mod also increases the maximum slope for your terrain, so you can make hillsides of up to 85 degrees. That could result in some unnatural looking landscapes, but hey, throw on some trees and nobody will notice.

Here’s the mod in action:

YouTube Thumbnail

The second mod, FreeBuild, does exactly what you’d think: it removes all restrictions on building. There are a couple of provisos: you can’t place buildings outside your park’s grounds, and outside of sandbox mode, you can’t place buildings too close to dinosaurs. Your buildings will also have to roughly obey most laws of physics. However, if there are placement issues, the mod increases the maximum angle for terrain flattening from 30 degrees to 60 degrees.

To install, you’ll simply need to unzip the files, then copy the folders into your game directory under […]\Jurassic World Evolution 2\win64\ovldata.