Free Killing Floor 2 Halloween update is an ode to Van Helsing

The Killing Floor 2 Halloween update adds a new free medieval map, a new weekly game mode, some new paid DLC weapons, and lots of spooky new cosmetics

Killing Floor 2 Halloween update: A plague doctor in a leather top hat and protective suit stands in a medieval town square

For its seventh Halloween of zed slaying, a Killing Floor 2 free update is adding a brand new medieval themed community map and new game mode. The gory FPS game’s Halloween event this year is called Blood and Bonfires, and it features a new game mode called primary target, which paints a VIP target on one party member’s head and makes them the focus of all the zeds on the map.

The new map is called Barmwich Town. It’s a standard survival map that’s compatible with survival, weekly, and endless game modes. As you can see in the trailer, Barmwich has a gothic, Victorian theme that’s more than a little reminiscent of Bloodborne. The plague doctor masks and top hats the players are wearing just enhance the effect.

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In the new weekly game mode, Primary Target, one party member is assigned ‘VIP’ status, and all zeds target this player. The whole team loses if the VIP dies, so it’s imperative to protect that player at all times. They can’t heal themselves, but fortunately they do start the round off with extra health. The VIP also has bonus damage output and resistance when their health is low, which may make the difference when it comes to surviving all seven rounds.

There are new seasonal objectives based on the new Barmwich Town map, and completing them all will unlock the highly fashionable plague doctor backpack. There are Halloween treat tickets and gold tickets to pick up as well.

The update also adds two new free HRG weapons, the Locust and Dragonsblaze, as well as two paid DLC weapons, the Blood Sickle and G36C assault rifle – both of which include five weapon skins apiece.

New bundles include the full plague doctor costume and weapon skin bundles for the plague doctor, xeno, classic MKII, and Chameleon MKII.

The Blood and Bonfires Halloween event runs October 13 – November 10.

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