A Kingdom Come: Deliverance adaptation is on the way from Yakuza movie’s production company

No word on whether we can expect a series or movie yet though

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – the no-bathing, manure-hurling, peasant simulator that’s also one of our picks for the best medieval games on PC – could soon be getting a live-action adaptation, courtesy of Warhorse Studios and former Netflix executive Erik Barmack. The news comes from Variety, which recently spoke to Barmack about the future of his LA-based production company, Wild Sheep Content.

If you recognise the company name, that might be because Wild Sheep Content recently signed a deal with Sega to develop a movie based on the beloved Yakuza franchise. That production is currently searching for scriptwriters, while the Kingdom Come: Deliverance project is on the lookout for potential writers and directors. There’s no confirmation as to whether this adaptation will take the form of a movie or series, yet, only that it’ll be live-action.

“Videogames with heavy narrative, like The Witcher and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, are uniquely adaptable, and local but global all at once,” Barmack told Variety. Between this and the Yakuza project, Barmack sees both deals as focusing on “amazing, non-U.S. worlds that are locally relevant, but with a regional and global popularity that streamers are looking for as they become more and more global.”

We’re personally very up for a live-action Kingdom Come: Deliverance movie or show. We’re guessing we won’t see Henry Cavill fan-cast in this one, given he’s already got a packed schedule what with that totally hypothetical WoW movie he’s been touted for this week. We’d still love to see him play a freakishly-yoked Waluigi in a gritty, Joker-style character study, though.

There’s no sign of a release date for the adaptation just yet, but you could always dip into the game itself while you wait. In our Kingdom Come: Deliverance review, Robert Zak said the RPG game was “as stubborn as it is embracing, making for a potentially tumultuous relationship between player and game. But it is a relationship you’ll absolutely feel compelled to nurture.”