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New Nioh style RPG based on Nextflix hit Kingdom sets launch date

A Kingdom The Blood release date has been set, as the new Nioh style zombie soulslike gets an “enthusiastic response” at Steam Next Fest.

Kingdom: The Blood brings the Netflix hit to an action RPG - A stern-looking Korean man wearing a headband.

Blending the samurai soulslike combat of Nioh and the undead hordes of The Last of Us and Dead Rising 2, Kingdom: The Blood is a new Steam game based on the popular Korean horror show Kingdom, which saw two successful season set in the zombie-infested medieval kingdom of Joseon. Following a free demo at Steam Next Fest, publisher Action Square now announces the Kingdom: The Blood release date – and we don’t have long to wait.

Kingdom: The Blood is an action RPG game with online co-op and PvP that plays like a somewhat simpler take on Nioh. Following the events of the Netflix drama, which follows crown prince Lee Chang as he battles a zombie plague and tackles political opponents in Korea’s last dynastic kingdom, Joseon. It’s up to you to bring down the undead hordes and fight human enemies in tight, intricate battles.

As the first Netflix Korean drama to premier on the streaming service, Kingdom paved the way for the likes of Squid Game with its fantastic blend of political intrigue, courtroom drama, and terrifying thriller – the ideal blend of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, if you will, without the troublesome narrative issues the sheer lengths of both those series brought about. Kingdom: The Blood might be a little more all-action than its TV counterpart, but it’s certainly got all the gorgeous style of the traditional Korean architecture and clothing.

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Developer Team Mago’s production director Kang Hyeong-seok comments on “the enthusiastic response from global users to the unique close-quarters combat and gameplay of Kingdom: The Blood,” and says that the team is working on additional user interface configuration for the PC version based on “diverse user feedback collected during this test.”

Kingdom: The Blood launches Tuesday March 5 on Steam. While the demo period is over, you can check out additional details and wishlist it now by heading to the game’s Steam store page if you’re curious.

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