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Diablo 4 rival Last Epoch reveals its mammoth 1.0 patch notes

The Last Epoch 1.0 patch notes are here alongside the full Steam launch this week, as Eleventh Hour Games adds new mechanics to the ARPG.

Last Epoch 1.0 patch notes

We finally have a look at Last Epoch patch 1.0, as the Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 rival finally launches out of Steam Early Access this week. With the two new mastery classes, multiple guilds, player-to-player trading, and a whole suite of visual improvements, Last Epoch is coming out swinging.

Now that the Last Epoch release date is here this week, developer Eleventh Hour Games has shared a look at what to expect from patch 1.0 and the full launch of the game. Our own Last Epoch review details how promising the 1.0 launch of the ARPG truly is, with a mechanics-first and player-friendly approach that even the biggest games in the genre should be looking at for inspiration. Last Epoch isn’t stopping there, though; it’s going to get even bigger.

The Last Epoch Falconer will finally be added in 1.0, as the third Rogue mastery class, and has seen all of its skills outlined alongside the Warlock mastery for the Acolyte as well. Both the Circle of Fortune and Merchant’s Guild item factions also arrive, letting you choose which faction to join (and leave at any time) to get the items better suited to how you play. Circle of Fortune gives you passive bonuses for rarer items and a better quantity of loot, while the Merchant’s Guild focuses on letting you trade directly with other players.

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You can even launch Last Epoch in fully offline mode, while the game’s UI and shaders have seen massive improvements across the board. There are a slew of weather changes too. 2.5D cinematics have also been added to the intro, with eight other cinematics added throughout the game as well.

There’s also an ungodly amount of balance changes coming in Last Epoch 1.0, with items, skills, gameplay, visuals, bug fixes, and more getting fixes and improvements.

Self-proclaimed gamer and Last Epoch fan David Harbour is also getting a helmet in Last Epoch soon, with a full launch arriving on Wednesday, February 21 later this week. You can check out the mammoth Last Epoch patch 1.0 notes right here.

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