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Imminent Diablo 4 rival Last Epoch reveals its curse-wielding Warlock

As Diablo 4 rival Last Epoch readies for launch, the new ARPG unveils its final Acolyte mastery, the curse-using, soul-devouring Warlock.

Last Epoch Warlock skills and curses - A figure in face-obscuring cloth armor, wearing a wide-brimmed witch hat, and conjuring a green-and-red flame in their hand.

With Diablo 4 Season 3 on the ropes following an underwhelming start, rival ARPG Last Epoch probably couldn’t have asked for a better opening to make the most of its imminent 1.0 launch on Steam. With Path of Exile 2 and Titan Quest 2 still some way off, the Wednesday February 21 release date seems like a perfect spot for the loot-grinding RPG to make its mark, and developer Eleventh Hour continues to build hype with the reveal of its penultimate class mastery, the Warlock, and it’s a perfect fit for Necromancer fans.

For those of you not familiar with the Last Epoch class system, it comprises five base classes that then split into three masteries each. Following the game’s successful time in early access, we’ve been awaiting news on the final two such masteries for the RPG, the Falconer and Warlock. Now, we’ve got news on the Warlock, the third Acolyte subclass, and she’s a soul-devouring practitioner of the forbidden arts who twists and corrupts her foes using five signature curses.

Last Epoch - A graphic showing the core skills and curses for the new class mastery in the Diablo 4 rival RPG.

Unveiled over at Icy Veins, the Last Epoch Warlock boasts five curses: Anguish, Penance, Decrepify, Acid Skin, and Torment. We’ll list the full details down below but, of course, each has additional effects and bonuses that can be applied through the Warlock’s passive tree and skill trees. Here are the base effects of the five Warlock Curses:

  • Anguish is a Curse that lasts 10 seconds, reduces damage over time dealt and deals necrotic damage to all enemies afflicted with it whenever you kill an enemy. It cannot stack.
  • Penance is a Curse that lasts 15 seconds which causes affected targets to take 20 spell fire damage when they hit another target, but it does not stack.
  • Decrepify is a Curse that deals 200 physical damage over 10 seconds with added damage applying at 100% effectiveness per second, and causes the target to take more damage from damage over time based on the caster’s missing health.
  • Acid Skin is a Curse that deals 80 poison damage over 5 seconds with added damage applying at 80% effectiveness per second, and adds a 20% chance to be critically hit.
  • Torment is a Curse that deals 120 spell necrotic damage over 3 seconds with added damage applying at 200% effectiveness per second and reduces movement by 12% (multiplicative with other modifiers), but it does not stack.

As for the unique Warlock skills, you’ll get access to Chaos Bolts, a barrage of fire and necrotic damage; Soul Feast, which rips energy out of nearby foes to boost your own survivability; Profane Veil, a safety button that makes you “almost unkillable” (think Diablo 4’s Necromancer Blood Mist); Chthonic Fissure, tearing open a rift in the ground, pouring out spirits that target nearby enemies; and Ghostflame, a channeled skill dealing necrotic and fire damage.

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The Warlock is looking absolutely gorgeous, and as someone who loves playing no-minion Necromancer builds in Diablo 4, and is always eager to throw down a few curses in Path of Exile, I’m very excited to get my hands on it. Last Epoch version 1.0 launches Wednesday February 21, and we’ve got all the details on the Last Epoch editions available.

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