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Last Epoch is going to nerf OP builds in response to player vote

Last Epoch developer Eleventh Hour Games is already outlining what overpowered builds are being nerfed due to bugs causing issues in-game.

Last Epoch overpowered builds bugs fixed: a man in silver armor holding a sword down by the hilt

Overpowered builds in Last Epoch will be fixed and altered following a vote among the game’s player base. Rather than balance changes, Eleventh Hour Games describes the alterations as bug fixes, and intends to remedy various issues which so far have led to build problems in the action RPG.

Last week, Eleventh Hour Games asked players in a survey if they wanted the team to fix bugs that created broken, OP builds in Last Epoch, and if players also want to be notified of these changes to overperforming builds before they happen. The answer was apparently a resounding ‘yes’ to both, so the creator of the action RPG game is already making good on this feedback, and providing details on upcoming build changes.

“This week we are planning two major bugfixes which impact highly overperforming builds to be included with the patch (in addition to Dive Bomb’s change where Cloud Gatherer can only affect one Smoke Bomb at a time),” Eleventh Hour Games writes.

A bug causing Profane Veil’s Vampiric Pool to give 40% of the consumed minion’s max health as ward instead of 4%, and a bug where Runemaster’s passive node Sanguine Runestone’s threshold bonus was scaling with points allocated, will both be fixed.

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Eleventh Hour Games adds that “in keeping with initial feedback, we want to reiterate, these changes are being made as bugfixes, not as balance changes. These are not intended to balance builds using these passives or abilities, but to fix bugs with them which happen to affect their power.”

You can still vote in the survey, too, as Eleventh Hour notes that it’s being open about these changes so far because of how heavily weighted votes have been in favor of the change already.

The team has been vocal about making sure it doesn’t nerf what players love without good reason, with Last Epoch 1.02 only nerfing the Falconer and Warlock in specific ways because they were causing server-wide trouble.

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