Next week’s free PC game from epic is about mowing the lawn

Lawn Mowing Simulator will be free on the Epic Games Store starting July 28, letting you try out all the beefiest riding mowers you've ever dreamed of

Lawn Mowing Simulator free: A worker rides a yellow-accented Stiga lawnmower outside a Tudor-style cottage with leaded glass windows and a thatched roof.

It’s another Thursday, which means it’s time for a new round of free PC games from the Epic Games store. This week, you can snag free copies of WW1 multiplayer game Tannenberg (normally $19.99 USD) and the fantasy merchant RPG game Shop Titans. Next week, though, it’s all about the present day and making sure the yard’s looking sharp: Lawn Mowing Simulator will be free starting July 28.

Lawn Mowing Simulator provides a lovingly detailed fleet of 12 licensed, real-world lawn mowing machines to triumphantly ride out into the British countryside. As you expand your landscaping business, you’ll take on contracts to mow lovely cottage greens and the stately grounds of royal castles.

It’s a good time to be getting into Lawn Mowing Simulator, as it’s gearing up to add two add-on DLC packs to the Epic Games Store edition of the game. The first is Ancient Britain, which sends you off to mow some of England’s historic sites and megaliths. The second is called Dino Safari, where you’ll have to carefully mow around tyrannosaurus tracks to keep the grounds looking nice for tourists.

Those DLC packs will be available July 28, the same day that Lawn Mowing Simulator goes free on the Epic Games Store. Lawn Mowing Simulator and its DLC are also available on Steam.