Riot targets Aphelios and Senna with more nerfs next League of Legends update

There are some familiar faces in the Champion nerfs list for the upcoming update

Three of the newest and best League of Legends Champions are in for some nerfs again when LoL patch 10.8 drops next week. Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter revealed the dev team’s plans in a PBE preview earlier this week, and now those changes have come to the MOBA game’s testing servers, we’ve got an idea what’s in store for the Champs.

On Twitter, Yetter revealed the new update will focus on “rebalancing the ADC meta” and “Jungler personal power versus gank”, with some changes aimed at the bot lane, affecting seven of LoL’s AD carries. Among the roster of Champs seeing changes this patch are two familiar faces, with Riot already having dished out multiple Senna and Aphelios nerfs since their arrival late last year.

This time, Senna’s Passive, Absolution, is taking a hit to its soul harvesting, with the spawn rate of souls for minions she hasn’t finished off seeing a decrease to 22%, down from 25%. As for Aphelios, his stats are seeing some key changes, with the current stat level up of 3-18% bonus armour penetration changed to 2-12 lethality, and a nerf to his Q ability scaling.

They’re not the only bot lane favourites to get some retuning this patch, either, with both Kalista and Varus getting tweaks to their stats and E ability Rend, and R, Chain of Corruption, respectively.

Good news for Ashe, Xayah, and Tristana fans, however, is these three AD carries have made Riot’s buff list for the coming update, which means a much-needed boost to the Champs, hopefully helping the Yordle Gunner and the Rebel score some higher ADC win rates in the solo queue.

You can check out these changes – along with the gorgeous new Coven skins headed to the game for LeBlanc, Morgana, and Zyra – in detail in the LoL patch 10.8 notes ahead of the update’s arrival on live servers next week.