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League of Legends Arena mode was “rushed out” for the right reasons

The newest League of Legends mode, Arena, was "rushed out," Riot says, but the intentions were entirely positive even if there's still work to be done.

League of Legends Arena mode was "rushed out," for the right reasons: A black man with white hair and glowing eyes has his faced covered with a bandana wearing a white jacket with orange crystalline decals standing holding a huge orange and black knife with purple mist swirling around him

While a new League of Legends mode is something we’ve been craving for some time, the MOBA‘s 2v2v2v2 mode, Arena, has failed to wow some LoL players. Riot has responded, explaining that the development time on League of Legends Arena was relatively short, but for good reason.

Arena is currently available on the PBE, and while some have found it a welcome step away from the usual LoL format, others claim they have struggled with long queue times or, alternatively, haven’t even made it into a game.

In response to a particularly scathing comment on the game’s official subreddit, lead modes designer Daniel ‘Maxw3ll’ Emmons writes that “we started dev on this mode like, seven months ago, and rushed it out so that players would have something sick for the summer event.

“Definitely agree there’s stuff that we can improve,” he continues, “and I’m hopeful people give the mode a shot so we can learn as much as we can for a second swing.”

A comment from League of Legends developer Maxw3ll discussing the state of new LoL mode Arena

While I am one of those players who has been silently hoping for a new mode for ages, I’d be lying if I said Arena was what I expected. I remember that good ol’ Gangplank event where he was disabled because he was, well, dead, and I remember how fresh Spirit Blossom felt when it first launched. I love the Street Fighter aesthetic of Soul Fighter and Arenas, but for me it just feels a little too akin to TFT.

On the flip side, though, I’m not complaining. It’s an entirely new mode, an entirely new event concept, and it’s something I’m excited to play with my long-suffering botlane duo – especially with Evelynn casually dropping into my games. As Riot continues to innovate for that “second swing,” I’m excited to see how Arena evolves.

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