League of Legends Ivern streamer discovers broken Season 14 build

One League of Legends Ivern player is utilizing a new item in Season 14 to cruise through Challenger rank and gun for the rank one spot.

Ivern is not one of the more popular champions to grace Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends. However, that doesn’t mean dedicated players of the tree-hugging jungler aren’t always crafting up new strategies to dominate solo queue and rack up those precious League Points.

When developer Riot revealed League of Legends Season 14, it came with many changes, including a brand new map layout, a new environmental enemy to take down called Voidgrubs, and most importantly, a complete revamp of the item system. Riot removed the Mythic item classification and reintroduced player choice on items. This was also coupled with the release of over a dozen new items.

Since then, players have been slowly digging into the stats and effectiveness for each item of the popular MOBA, playtesting exactly which combinations reap the best results on the Rift. For Ivern players, items that grant Ability power and Health are seen as the most powerful, like Moonstone Renewer.

League of Legends Ivern

However, Twitch streamer and Ivern aficionado Jamican Banana has begun utilizing one item that seemingly every LoL player has completely overlooked to rapidly climb the ranked ladder: Dawncore. Dawncore is an item that is fresh to the Rift, introduced in the Season 14 update as an enchanter item that grants Ability power, Ability haste, and Mana regen with a very unique passive called First Light which gives the players additional healing and shielding power, as well as 5 Ability power for every additional 100% mana regen the player has. Since there are plenty of Mana regen items Ivern can stack throughout a match, he can abuse this unique passive for massive shielding and healing his teammates.

Jamican Banana shared their match history as they broke into Challenger rank and made it into the top 50 players on the North American server, all by utilizing this broken build. In their tweet celebrating their ranked success, they claimed to be gunning for the rank one spot shouting, “Dawncore rush Ivern carry me to rank one!”

With Season 14 underway, be sure to take a look at our LoL tier list to note where Ivern is positioned in the meta. Additionally, we’ve broken down all the LoL ranks.

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