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Nami’s new League of Legends skin has a Wednesday inspired secret

As if the new League of Legends Coven Nami skin couldn't get any better, her dance is channeling Jenna Ortega's viral Wednesday TikTok dance.

Nami's new League of Legends skin has a Wednesday inspired secret: A pretty pink-haired woman wearing silvery armor holding a black and silver staff as tentacles swarm around her

When I saw the new League of Legends Coven Nami skin I was obsessed. As someone who owns every Coven cosmetic (even for champions I can’t play), to see one of my go-to supports finally get her spot in the moonlight has made my week. Given the skin is also an 1820RP one, there’s a secret little dance that triggers when Nami emotes, and it’s channeling some Wednesday Addams spooky and cooky.

Given Coven Nami is a Legendary skin in the MOBA, it’s no surprise that she has her own little secret dance animation. According to League of Legends YouTuber ‘SkinSpotlights,’ you have a 10% chance of spawning a fun little Wednesday-inspired dance.

Having gone viral on TikTok to a sped-up version of Lady Gaga’s ever-iconic Bloody Mary, Jenna Ortega’s now internet famous TikTok dance from the show has even wound up in League of Legends. At the start of this rare little routine, Nami does Wednesday’s straight-faced, behind-the-back arm wiggle, followed by more flailing that’s akin to what we see at the start of the Wednesday routine.

While initially it looked like the dance would activate with ‘cntrl 3,’ SkinSpotlights remains resolute that it’s a 10% chance with no active input. Personally though, part of me loves the idea of it just appearing out of the blue when you’re having a little river dance party.

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Whether my bank account likes it or not, I’ll be buying this skin for that little feature. Thematically it makes sense given Coven’s ties to magic, mystery, and darkness, and, honestly, it’s just absolute perfection. I can’t wait to just spam it in games to try and trigger this little groove – apologies to my lane partner in advance.

The Coven Nami skin releases alongside cosmetics for Akali, Elise, Nilah, Syndra, with Akali getting the Prestige skin this time around. Mordekaiser also gets a new look, transforming into one of the Old Gods that Morgana continually dotes on.

If you, like me, love the Coven skins and will probably buy every single one of these, then I suggest not checking how much you’ve spent on League of Legends afterwards. Otherwise, if these skins just aren’t for you (are you OK?) then we have a list of some other upcoming League of Legends skins – after all, Worlds 2023 Renekton is also looking pretty slick.