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League of Legends’ new $200 chroma is turning it into a “gacha game”

While League of Legends' new Cosmic Jhin Erasure chroma looks absolutely stunning, if you're looking to add it to your arsenal it'll cost you around $200.

A celestial figure stands in a dark space void readying a gun with several arms

It’s no secret that I love collecting League of Legends cosmetics. From skins to chromas, emotes to ward skins; I, like my little author bio says, have plowed more money into Riot’s MOBA than I’d like to admit. Unfortunately, the new Cosmic Jhin Mythic Chroma, Erasure, isn’t one I’ll be adding to my League of Legends arsenal.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Jhin, but my controversial take of the day is that I hate Cosmic Jhin. I run the old SKT T1 skin whenever I take the Virtuoso for a spin, but I’d be lying if I said that the new Erasure Chroma and its gorgeous splash art didn’t catch my eye.

After much time spent wondering what Erasure Jhin actually is, it turns out that it’s a Mythic chroma that you can only get via the upcoming Dark Cosmic Erasure capsules. However, if you want to get it, you’ll have to buy 30 of them – and they’re 750RP (around $7 / £7) a go. When you total that up, that comes to 22,500RP, which is $200 / £200 if you buy two lots of 13,500RP. So yes, that’s $200 for a chroma.

All of this, as well as the icon rewards, was spotted by ‘Julex Gameplays,’ and as you can imagine has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

An infographic showing off the various rewards to get League of Legends Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin

$200 for a straight recolor hasn’t exactly gone down well. League of Legends content creator ‘Dumbs’ writes “please don’t turn League into a gacha game Riot. How do we still not have a proper battle pass system like Fortnite or Valorant that would give you points towards skins like this?”

It’s a sentiment that a lot of players are echoing, and I can see why. $200 for a skin is wild, but pricey cosmetics are becoming a questionable norm these days, though this is a simple recolor, so it feels especially steep.

I’ll stick to picking up all of the new and upcoming League of Legends skins (I need Immortal Journey Kayle and Sona), or drop my Mythic essence on True Damage Senna when it finally (hopefully) comes around. Until then, though, it’s worth checking out our LoL tier list to see where Jhin sits in the mix – after all, it’s not much fun having a $200 chroma if you can’t win any games.