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Lil Nas X will be performing at League of Legends Worlds (seriously)

A Lil Nas X League of Legends song is on the cards for Worlds 2022, as well as an exclusive prestige skin for new the MOBA's top laner, K'sante

Lil Nas X is performing at League of Legends Worlds: Black rapper in a black suits stands looking confused and sticking out tongue

A Lil Nas X League of Legends song will be debuting at Worlds – bet you didn’t see that coming on a Thursday afternoon, huh? The musical titan will debut his new single ‘Star Walkin’ at the MOBA‘s biggest tournament, creating a mashup that we never knew we needed.

If there’s one thing that you never thought you’d read, it’s this article. Yes, that headline is true folks: rap god and queer icon Lil Nas X will be performing at the League of Legends World Championships this year. Making his Summoner’s Rift debut with all-new track ‘Star Walkin,’ the musical sensation is here to take names in style.

The track itself will be available from September 23, but Lil Nas X will be performing it live during the opening ceremony in San Francisco on September 30.

“I felt like it was time for me to try something new. I’ve left my mark on pop culture in so many ways, and now it’s time to take on the world of gaming,” Lil Nas X states. “Also I’m going to make the best Worlds anthem of all time and put on the biggest, coolest, sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds!”

Lil Nas X is performing at League of Legends Worlds: Riot Games' Worlds' 2022 banner with flag made of blue, white, black, and tan strands

This is echoed by global head of League of Legends esports, Naz Aletaha, who notes “we’ve all been blown away by his vision, passion, and undeniable style, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the Worlds stage in San Francisco this November.”

That’s not all, though, as the latest champion to be added to the League of Legends roster, K’sante, will also be receiving a Riot X Lil Nas X Prestige skin entitled Prestige Empyrean K’Sante. You can pick this up between November 3 and November 14.

I’d like to reiterate that this article is completely serious – Lil Nas X is, in fact, at Worlds this year. The hype is real, not only because it’s literally Lil Nas X, but because Riot are also celebrating queer, black culture – and man, you love to see it.

If you’re looking to pick up that K’Sante skin, you may want to check out how much you’ve spent on League of Legends before you do so. If you want to find out a little more about the toplaner, here’s everything we know about new League of Legends champion K’Sante – no sign of that skin yet, though.