League of Legends is getting new Anima Squad skins

Vayne, Jinx, Miss Fortune, and Sylas are getting Anima Squad skins, while Riven's original Battle Bunny skin is being revamped into Battle Bunny Prime

Splash art for LoL's Battle Bat Vayne and Battle Wolf Sylas skins

Not content to leave League of Legends’ new skins offering at bees this month, Riot has revealed another range with a familiar, animal theme. League of Legends is getting more Anima Squad skins, which essentially means that a few lucky champs are getting a sci-fi, cuddly-themed makeover.

Riot has revealed a new range of Anima Squad skins for Vayne, Jinx, Miss Fortune, and Sylas on Twitter. The devs are also revamping Riven’s original Battle Bunny skin into Battle Bunny Prime. Vayne’s Anima Squad skin is bat-themed, Jinx gets the cat treatment, Miss Fortune’s skin is a bunny, and Sylas gets a wolf. All of the skins are currently on the PBE for LoL patch 12.6, so you can already check them out.

While Riot hasn’t confirmed when these skins will go live, the League of Legends 2022 patch schedule has patch 12.6 going live on March 30. The bee skins introduced in the patch 12.5 cycle went live when the update did, so it stands to reason the new Anima Squad skins will go live when patch 12.6 does.

Here’s a peep at the new skins:

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