One of League of Legends Arcane’s best characters is joining the Rift

From Silco to Mel, there are lots of League of Legends Arcane characters we'd like to see on the Rift, and Riot has confirmed one is coming.

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League of Legends Arcane. There are very few things I get actively excited about in life, but Arcane is one of them. With Season 1 remaining one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Season 2 feels like it’s right there, ripe for the picking. As if November couldn’t come soon enough, Riot has confirmed that, to celebrate Season 2’s release, we’ll see one of the show’s best characters debut onto Summoner’s Rift – and a visual rework for an Arcane champion, too.

Yes, you read that right; one of Arcane’s cast of misfits will be added to League of Legends‘ ever-growing roster this year to celebrate Season 2. ‘Is it Silco?!’ I hear you cry – after all, he’s already in Teamfight Tactics, the MOBA‘s auto-battler spinoff.

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The answer to that, my fellow Silco-loving friend, is no, Zaun’s premier drug lord will not be slinking his way onto the Rift. Instead, we’ll be seeing Ambessa Medarda, the estranged mother of the absolutely mesmerizing Mel.

Ambessa, for those who don’t remember her (how could you forget that bath scene), is a Noxian warlord with a long, storied history in combat. Her favored weapons are vicious handheld push daggers that feel like they’d make her the perfect pick in the top lane or, alternatively, mid. To my mind, she’d play a little like Renekton – and hopefully fill that tanky, bruiser archetype that, in my opinion, has been lacking a little recently.

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But that’s not the only Arcane magic that’s coming this year – it’s League of Legends’ fifteenth anniversary, after all. There’ll be new skins, new “Arcane-inspired gameplay,” and, the most important of all, a visual update (or VGU) for one of the champions that’s currently in Arcane.

Now there’s countless possibilities as to who this could be (I’ve just spent an hour going through them with my partner, there are a lot). For me, though, it’s between Viktor and Jayce, with more of an inclination to the former.

Viktor proved incredibly popular in the wake of Arcane, but didn’t receive a dedicated skin. Additionally, he’s lagging at the bottom end of the LoL tier list in terms of pick rate, so a VGU to spice up his visuals and kit could be just what he needs to bring him back into the limelight. But all of that is just my excited spitballing – it’ll probably turn out to be someone completely different (maybe Ekko, eyes emoji?).

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In the meantime, though, there are some huge changes coming in League of Legends Season 14, including a new mode, and new champion Smolder, so make sure you’re up to speed.

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