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Briar rivals Yuumi for worst League of Legends win rate ever

New League of Legends jungler Briar has a winrate that sits just above 30%, meaning the adorable bloodsucker is rivaling Yuumi for worst LoL release winrate.

A young woman with her clawed hands chained to a metal ring around her neck sits waving in a dark cave grinning menacingly with pointed teeth

While Briar may be the talk of Twitter, her League of Legends debut hasn’t quite gone as planned. At the moment the MOBA‘s second (but by far cuter) bloodsucker is sitting at a 30% win rate, rivaling Yuumi, League of Legends‘ ever-controversial Magical Cat, for last place. A Rioter has responded to the stats, however, but their reply has left people with a bitter taste.

Dropping alongside League of Legends patch 13.18, according to OP.gg Briar’s jungle win rate sits at 31.58%, with a pick rate of 4%. In the top lane, her secondary role, her win rate comes in at a measly 30.62%. Ouch.

To compare this to Yuumi, who released with the lowest win rate in the game, past LoLalytics data shows that the Magical Cat debuted at 29.71% and climbed to 31.14%, meaning that the two are vying for last place.

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A Reddit response from game designer ‘GalaxySmash’ joking, “this champion is 30 something percent win rate and she’s already living rent free in your head” also hasn’t gone down particularly well, either.

One player hits back with a scathing, “you released a 30% winrate champion. You clearly didn’t do your job very well, or at all,” while another calls out the comment for being “absurdly unprofessional.”

A comment from League of Legends developer Riot games about Briar's win rate

While I love Briar’s aesthetic (vampires are very much my thing), it’s actually quite nice to see a champion that isn’t broken on launch – problem is, I guess she’s kind of broken in the opposite direction. It’s a real shame given how much hype there was surrounding her, but hopefully, as players get to grips with her, that win rate will increase over time.

Until then, though, I recommend checking out our LoL tier list to see which junglers reign supreme or, if you’re newer to the Rift, our list of the best LoL champions for beginners – my advice? It’s always Amumu.