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League of Legends’ new $430 skin mocks LoL’s own in-game pricing

As if League of Legends' new $430 skin wasn't controversial enough, one of the voicelines takes aim at the in-game item store's prices.

League of Legends' new $430 skin mocks LoL's own in-game pricing: A pretty woman with long black hair, fox hears, and seven white tails with red tips sits, a golden crown on one tail, wearing a black and gold bodice with white inlays

It’s no secret that some League of Legends items cost more than others. A Glowing Mote is a dime a dozen, but a Needlessly Large Rod or Infinity Edge will cost you a hefty lump of gold. If the new Immortalized Legend Ahri skin was a LoL item, it’d definitely fall into that latter category, with the base price coming in at $200, and the full bundle costing in excess of $430. As the internet continues to erupt, a new ‘SkinSpotlights’ video showcases Ahri’s Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok-inspired voicelines, and one in particular has struck a chord with fans.

As you probably know by now, League of Legends‘ new Hall of Legends skin costs $430, with the base version clocking in at $200. As you also probably know (or have guessed), that hasn’t exactly gone down well with the MOBA‘s community, who are threatening to permanently ban the champion to tank her win rate and, in turn, force Riot into dropping the price.

The Immortalized Legend Ahri skin features three different forms, various unique finishers inspired by the Unkillable Demon King himself, and various UI updates. It’s also the first of the new ‘Transcendent’ skins, which sit above Ultimate in the price tier.

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As always, League of Legends YouTuber SkinSpotlights has dropped a new video showcasing the skin, but eyes have turned to their rundown of all of Ahri’s interactions – especially the one that plays when she opens the in-game store.

Positioned up front and center in SkinSpotlights’ video (that feels deliberate), Ahri seemingly says “wait ’til the Demon King hears about these prices” when she goes to buy an item. I don’t think I need to tell you why that feels somewhat ironic.

“‘Wait ’til the Demon King hears about these prices,’ you don’t say Ahri,” reads one comment, followed by another which jokes “Yeah I want to know what the Demon King thinks about these prices, too.”

Other voicelines include the ever-iconic “All roads lead to me” from the finale hype video at Worlds 2023, and “I am the unkillable Demon King,” which genuinely sent a shiver down my spine.

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It’s worth noting that the skin isn’t out yet, and is therefore subject to change. Riot has previously amended voice lines and other visual features (remember Coven Syndra?), so we may see this one taken out ahead of the official release on Wednesday, June 12 – especially given how much controversy the cosmetic has caused.

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