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League of Legends World Champion claims he can’t get the skin he wants

When discussing which League of Legends World Championship skin he wanted, T1 support Keria has been left disappointed despite his win.

League of Legends World Champion claims he can't get the skin he wants: A woman wearing orange futuristic visors with red headphones and a white cropped top and leggings

As the sun sets on Busan and League of Legends Worlds 2023 ends in a swift T1 victory, all feels somewhat right with the world. However, despite his inspirational grind to glory, T1 support Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok has revealed that he, unfortunately, can’t celebrate his win with a skin for the champion he really wants.

For those of you who haven’t played League of Legends before, the winners of the MOBA‘s premier tournament are given the opportunity to pick a champion that they want a skin for – specifically one that they played during the tournament. Riot Games then works with them to create a team-themed cosmetic, which will be released in the next season.

Keria, however, has stated that he wanted a skin for everyone’s favorite rainbow-obsessed mage, Lux – a champion that he didn’t play during Worlds 2023. In a post-match stream from the T1 office, translated by the amazing Ashley Kang, Keria states that he “only thought about making a Lux skin.

“I never thought about any other skin. So I went to the Riot meeting and spent most of my time talking about Lux… I asked them to make it pretty, and they said they can make Bard pretty too. And I just frowned.”

In a separate stream (translated by u/controverse0 on Reddit) fellow botlaner Lee ‘Gumayusi’ Min-hyung claims Keria “seems very sad because there are no options he likes and has to choose between Bard and Renata.

“Keria originally liked Thresh and Lux ​​the most, and he seemed to really want the Lux skin. If we went to the blue side, we might choose the Caitlyn Lux once, but we were on the red side for three consecutive games and won 3-0.”

PCGamesN has reached out to Riot Games for a response and will update this article when we know more.

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As someone who watched Keria dissolve last year as DRX hoisted the Worlds trophy, I really hope that Riot lets Keria have his Lux skin – it’s safe to say he’s earned it. Plus, as a support main, I would absolutely love to play this skin.

My partner and I watched Worlds live in a cinema in my rival city, Edinburgh, and we walked away inspired. I want to grind, I want to get better as a support – and Keria’s gameplay inspired that. As someone who plays a lot of Lux, I would love to have a T1 Lux skin – sure, maybe it’s selfish, but I want to honor the player who gave me the push I needed.

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