League of Legends’ new Champion is Samira – here are her abilities

Samira, the Desert Rose, is the next Champ headed to the MOBA game's roster

Another new League of Legends Champion is on their way to the game. This time, it’s Samira – yes, the same name that popped up on the MOBA game’s PBE in the recent LoL patch 10.16. Riot Games unveiled the “gifted, ruthless marksman” Champ in a trailer over the weekend, and now the studio’s let us in on her abilities, lore, and more.

Riot’s posted a Samira abilities rundown on the multiplayer game’s site, which gives us a glimpse into her “ruthless” playstyle, and it’s clear she’s going to be a pretty dynamic, ferocious, and stylish Champ to play – or go up against. The Desert Rose’ Passive is called ‘Daredevil Impulse’ and ties directly into her sense of style: “Chaining non-repeating abilities (and basic attacks) increases Samira’s style grade by one letter, from E to S rank,” the rundown explains.

Each grade grants Samira some bonus movement speed, while she can also deal ranged damage to foes with her guns, or melee damage up-close, which hands out bonus magic damage. Plus, she’s also got the ability to “juggle enemies who are movement-impaired by her allies in the air, extending the displacement” with her passive.

Samira’s Q, Flair, is simpler but sounds plenty effective: “Samira fires a shot at her enemy’s directly when at range with her guns. Enemies in melee range will instead be damaged by a slash of her sword.” Her W, Blade Whirl, looks impressive in action in the clip below (via Riot), with the Champ whooshing and slicing in a circle, dealing more than a few bruises to enemies nearby, and ” destroying any enemy missiles in the area at cast and that enter the area after the fact”.

Wild Rush, Samira’s E ability, sees the Champ dash through foes and allies alike, with the former taking magic damage in the process. Oh, and she gets a dose of bonus attack speed for the time spent dashing, too. Takedowns of enemy Champs resets her E’s cooldown, too.

Last but definitely not least, is Samira’s R: Inferno Trigger. “Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons,” Riot says, “wildly attacking any enemies around her ten times over a duration.” Each shot fired dishes physical damage to foes, applies lifesteal, and can also score a critical strike. But, there’s a catch – she can only use the ability if she’s currently got a style grade of S (that is, the maximum).

“Samira brings a new dynamic to bot lane that I really like,” lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter says on Twitter. “She plays aggressively against other marksmen and capitalizes on her support’s CC. But it’s a high risk game because she has poor trading and safety with only 500 range.”

The dev says the team’s “expectation (and goal) is that Samira is primarily a bot lane carry” – and that, while “off roles in other lanes are fine”, if she ends up being “primarily somewhere else we will fix it”.

If you’re excited to get to know more about the incoming Champ, or even give her a go in-game, the good news is you won’t have long to wait. She’ll be on the PBE for testing over the next fortnight, and hit the live game with LoL patch 10.19 – which, according to the League of Legends 2020 patch schedule, is September 16.