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League of Legends patch 11.14 notes - Ruined and Sentinel skins, Irelia, Lillia changes

League of Legends' 11.14 patch feature some cool new skins for your favourite Champions

We’re now well into the second half of the League of Legends 2021 patch schedule. League of Legends patch 11.13 has landed, bringing heaps of Champion and item changes, alongside a little rework for Tahm Kench. When one patch cycle ends, though, another one begins. We now have an idea what’s coming in patch 11.14, so let’s take a peek at what’s there, shall we?

The big focus of the patch right now is an upcoming event called Rise of the Sentinels, which is coming next month when this patch goes live. In terms of story, it’s all about a big blowout between the Ruined King and Sentinels of Light, but what we’ve got to tide us over until then are some cool skins – looking good is important, you know? We’ve got Sentinel skins for Diana, Olaf, Riven, and more. We even have one Ruined skin for Pantheon.

As for balance changes, some pretty important adjustments for Irelia and Lillia have now rolled onto the PBE, along with some updates for the recently reworked Dr. Mundo, too. You can take a look at these out below, and keep checking back as we’ll be sure to post all the others on their way in the Champion Changes section below.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s in store for Lol patch 11.14 (cheers, Surrenderat20!):


According to the League of Legends 2021 patch schedule, League of Legends patch 11.14 is due to go live on Thursday, July 8, 2021. Maintenance times haven’t yet been confirmed, but usually begin at 3am PT for NA servers, 5am UK time for EUW servers, and 3am CET for EUNE servers, and last for approximately three hours.

League of Legends patch 11.14 champion changes

Champion changes

Akali – nerfed

Five Point Strike (Q):
“Q can no longer be cast during E”
Perfect Execution (R):
Minimum damage dealt has decreased to 60/130/200 from 75/145/215
Maximum damage dealt has decreased to 180/390/600 from 225/435/645

Darius – buffed

Hemorrhage (Passive):
Bonus Attack Damage increased to 30-230 from 20-205
Apprehend (E):
Ability cooldown has decreased to 24/21.5/19/16.5/14 from 26/24/22/20/18

Dr. Mundo – changed

Attack Speed increased to 0.72 from 0.67
Goes Where He Pleases (Passive):
Health regeneration has changed to  [1-2% based on level] from a flat [2%]
Ability cooldown has increased to 60-15 seconds from 45-15 seconds
Heart Zapper (W):
Amount of Damage Stored changed to 15/22.5/30/37.5/45% from 25/30/35/40/45%
Ability cooldown decreased to a flat 14 seconds from 17/16.5/16/15.5/15 seconds
Blunt Force Trauma (E):
New! Tooltip now includes: “Deals 200% damage to jungle monsters”
New! Small monsters are now always immediately punted by ability
Infected Bonesaw (Q):
The cap on damage dealt to monsters has increased to 350-500 from 300/350/400/450/500
Health cost refunded against monsters is now set at 100%

Garen – buffed

Decisive Strike (Q):
Move Speed increased to 35% from 30%
Demacian Justice (R):
True damage from percent of target’s missing health has increased to 25/30/35% from 20/25/30%

Graves – buffed

Attack Damage has increased to 68 from 66

Illaoi – buffed

Base Move Speed has increased to 350 from 340

Irelia – changed

Health decreased to 520 from 580
MR decreased to 28 from 32
Health each level increased to 110 from 95
Ionian Fervour (Passive):
Max passive stacks decreased to four from five
Attack speed each stack decreased to 7.5/13.75/20% based on level from 8/12/16% based on level
Damage decreased to 10-61 (30% bonus AD) from 15-66 (+25% bonus AD)
Bladesurge (Q):
Dash sped changed significantly reduced, was from movement speed +1500
Minion damage changed to 55+12 per level from 55/75/95/115/135
Defiant Dance (W):
Damage reduction changed to 40-80% Physical and 20-40% Magic damage reduction levels 1-18 (+7% per 100 AP) from 50% (7% per 100 AP) physical
Maximum damage dealt increased to 30/75/120/165/210 (150% AD) (120% AP) from 20/50/80/110/140 (+100% AD)(+80%AP)
Flawless Duet (E):
Missile travel time changed from 0.25 seconds, whereas before it was based on distance
Cannot be cast or recast during Q
Cannot be recast while crowd controlled
Vanguard’s Edge (R):
New! Decrease Q cooldown by 0.5/1.5/2.5 seconds before Haste

Ivern – buffed

Triggerseed (E):
Shield effect increased to 80/115/150/185/220 from 80/110/140/170/200

Karma – nerfed

Base Attack Damage decreased to 51 from 54

Lillia – changed

Mana Regeneration decreased to 7.5 from 9
Base armour increased to 22 from 20
Dream Laden Bow (P):
Damage dealt by ability increased to [6% + 1.5% per 100 AP] from a flat 5%
New! This ability now includes: “Lillia Restores [18-95 + 6% AP] Health over the duration against large jungle monsters, and restores 12-140 +12% AP) Health against champions”
New! This ability now includes: “Dream Dust heal is 33% effective for each source beyond the first.”
Blooming Blows (Q):
Movement speed decreased to [3/4/5/6/7% + 0.03% AP] from [7/8/9/10/11% + 0.01% AP]
Duration of ability increased to 5.5 seconds from 5 seconds
Max stacks decreased to 4 from 5
Time taken for stacks to fall off increased 1.5 seconds from 1 second
Magic Damage dealt increased to [35/50/65/80/95] from [30/45/60/75/90]
True Damage dealt increased to [35/50/65/80/95] from [30/45/60/75/90]
Ability cooldown decreased to 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds from 4 seconds
Ability Mana Cost increased to 65 from 45
Watch Out! Eep! (W):
Base damage dealt increased to [70/90/110/130/150 (+35% AP)] from [70/85/100/115/130 (+30% AP)]
Removed! This ability no longer lets Lillia deal 50% damage against minions
Swirlseed (E):
Damage dealt by ability increased to [70/95/120/145/170 (+45% AP)] from [70/85/100/115/130 (+40% AP)]
Slow effect increased to a flat 40% from 25/30/35/40/45%
New! This ability now includes: “Does not apply Dream Dust.”
Ability cooldown increased to 18 seconds from 12 seconds
Lilting Lullaby (R):
Duration of Asleep effect decreased to 1.5/2/2.5 seconds from 2/2.5/3 seconds
Damage Ability Power ratio increased to 40% from 30%
Drowsy slow effect decreased to 10% from 25%

Malzahar – nerfed

Base HP decreased to 510 from 537
Call of the Void (Q):
Ability Power ratio has decrease to 55% from 65%

Nocturne – changed

Umbra Blades (Passive):
New! This ability now has 50% effectiveness against minions

Rek’Sai – buffed

Queen’s Wrath / Prey Seeker (Q):
Damage dealt per hit when not burrowed increased to 21/27/33/39/45 from 20/25/30/35/40
Damage dealt when burrowed increased to 60/95/130/165/200 from 60/90/120/150/180

Seraphine – buffed

High Note (Q):
Damage dealt by ability increased to [60/75/90/105/120 (+45/50/55/60/65% AP)] from [55/70/85/100/115 (+40/45/50/55/60% AP)]

Shaco – nerfed

Base HP has decreased to 560 from 587
Base Move Speed has decreased to 345 from 350

Tahm Kench – changed

An Acquired Taste (Passive):
Damage dealt has changed to [12-60 (+2.5% bonus HP)] from [2.% maximum HP]
Tongue Lash (Q):
New! This ability now additionally deals damage from Passive/An Acquired Taste
Heal effect has changed to [15/20/25/30/35 + 4/4.5/5/5.5/6% Missing HP] from [6/7/8/9/10% Missing HP]
Abyssal Dive (W):
Ability and mana refund has increased to 40% from 30%
Devour (R):
Shield effect has increased to [400/500/600 (+100% AP)] from [300/450/600 (+100% AP)]
Ally self slow effect has decreased to 30/20/10% from 40/25/10%

Taric – buffed

Starlight’s Touch (Q):
Ability Mana Cost has decreased to 65/70/75/80/85 from 70/75/80/85/90
Dazzle (E):
Ability Mana Cost has decreased to 40 from 60

Xin Zhao – nerfed

Wind Becomes Lightning (W):
Ability cooldown has increased to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds from 12/10.5/9/7.5/6

Ziggs – nerfed

Mana decreased to 420 from 480

Here’s the patch preview from Riot:

Item changes

Dead Man’s Plate

Armour has increased to 45 from 40


Attack Damage increased to 45 from 40
Health decreased to 300 from 400
Slow effect changed to [40% for 3 seconds] from [90%, decaying over 3 seconds]

Champion skins

 Ruined Pantheon – 1350 RP

“The Mist did not just subsume Atreus, but also resurrected the long-dead spirit of Pantheon: the old Aspect of War himself. With Atreus’ stubborn defiance silenced, Pantheon can resume control and revel in battle once again. It doesn’t matter to him whose banner he fights under. If that banner is the Ruined King’s? So be it.”

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the RUINED PANTHEON splash art, as shared by Riot on Twitter:

Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition – 2,000 Event Tokens

“Atreus defeated Pantheon once, and with all of Runeterra on the line he must defeat him once more. Seizing back control from the Aspect of War, Atreus harnesses the celestial power of Targon itself– briefly becoming not just a vessel or an Aspect, but something new. Something immensely powerful and entirely his own.”

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the ASCENDED PANTHEON PRESTIGE EDITION splash art, as shared by Riot on Twitter:

Sentinel Diana – 1350 RP

“The Ruination of Targon and the loss of the Aspect of War devastated the Rakkor tribes. But the only way to fight an Aspect’s power is with another Aspect– and so Diana takes up her blade as a member of the Sentinels, knowing that Viego would destroy everything the moonlight touches.”

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the SENTINEL DIANA art, as shared by Riot on Twitter:

Sentinel Irelia – 1350 RP

“After the fall of the Ionian Grand Temple, Irelia could not stand idly by while her home was ravaged by the Black Mist. Deputized by the Sentinels, she fights the Ruination as one of their comrades: a natural-born leader who understands the threat that Ruined Karma poses, she will stop at nothing to save the Spirit of Ionia.”

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the SENTINEL IRELIA splash art, as shared by Riot on Twitter:

Sentinel Olaf – 1350 RP

“After a vicious encounter on the Freljordian front, Olaf is convinced to join the Sentinels to satiate his hunger for battle. Only then would he have the power to challenge Viego, the greatest threat the world has ever known, and satisfy his urge to fearlessly face death in glorious combat.”

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the SENTINEL OLAF splash art, as shared by Riot on Twitter:

Sentinel Riven – 1350 RP

“Riven joins the Sentinels hoping to atone for her role in the Noxian invasion of Ionia. After fighting her way out of a rapidly destabilizing Noxus Prime, she understands that her time may be fleeting. However, she believes her life is a small price to pay to make amends.”

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the SENTINEL RIVEN splash art, as shared by Riot on Twitter:

Sentinel Vayne – 1820 RP (Legendary)

“Ever striving to become a better monster hunter, Vayne joins the Sentinels primarily to advance her own arsenal and learn from their battle with the Black Mist. It doesn’t hurt that she is also defending Runeterra from evil, of course. If she must endure the friendship of a fool like Graves to do so, she will. The cause is worth it.”

Here’s the SENTINEL VAYNE splash art, as shared by Riot on Twitter:

Sentinels of Light

League of Legends’ big summer event – 2021 edition – is called Sentinels of Light, and will drop when this patch does. Riot recently gave us a flavour of what it’ll be in it’s latest LoL Pls video update, and it looks like we can expect something similar to last year’s Spirit Blossom event, with lots of interaction and immersion. You can read about the LoL summer 2021 event here.


The Ultimate Spellbook has returned to the PBE for some more testing. You can find the most recent changes from lead modes designer Reina Sweet on Twitter:

Summoner’s Rift designer Riot Phlox also confirmed the initial set of Irelia changes on Twitter:

Those are all the notes for LoL patch 11.14 for now, but keep heading back to check them out as there’s sure to be lots more to eyeball and delve into ahead of the patch’s arrival and the Rise of the Sentinels event.

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