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Your League of Legends ranked climb will be shorter in future

If you're struggling with that seemingly never-ending League of Legends ranked climb, don't worry; it looks like you may not need to play as many games soon.

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It’s a whole new split in League of Legends, meaning new ranked goals, and, with those, a whole new climb. While once ‘Legends Never Die’ was echoing in my mind, now my evenings are spent hunched over my keyboard, grinding though match after match to try and relive the glory days of my early League of Legends career. If you too are struggling to attain your deserved rank in the MOBA, I have good news for you: Riot may be making the ranked climb easier going forward.

In response to a Reddit thread about the current state of League’s ranked climb, senior design lead for competitive gameplay Jordan ‘BarackProbama’ Checkman has confirmed that Riot is looking to cut down on the number of games players have to play to move up or down a bracket.

“[The] problem with the system is that it takes a lot of games to place you where you belong,” one player writes, to which Checkman replies “We are actively working to reduce the number of games required.

“Nothing to report until something is closer to shipping, but we have some medium-term and some long-term plans that should allow our ratings (for matchmaking purposes) to more quickly converge on a player’s skill,” he says.

A comment from a Riot Games developer discussing the state of ranked in League of Legends, confirming there will be less games to play in future

At the moment, it does feel like a lot of my ranked games are hindered by trolls or grieving players. While I can admit I have my bad days, I’m struggling to progress because, for every two games I win, a loss knocks me right down to the beginning again. Every night feels like a coin flip – will my teammates run it down mid, or will the enemy team have a roaming Nunu support and make it an easy win?

I really hope this mystery fix drops for next split (or perhaps the one after) because ranked really is a grind at the moment – especially when you’re a lowly enchanter support main like me.

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