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Riot will nerf League of Legends’ Soraka - and “pretty hard”

LoL's Soraka is in for a "pretty hard" nerf, according to a Champion designer at Riot

League of Legends Enchanter Champ Soraka is in for a hefty nerf, it seems. The Starchild has reared her head as a popular top lane pick for pro and recreational players alike in recent months but now a dev at Riot Games has indicated she’ll be getting a “pretty hard” nerf.

As spotted by our sister site The Loadout, the topic of the Soraka top lane nerf came up in a clip on Twitch (see below), in which the game’s senior Champion designer August Browning replies to a question about the Enchanter. In it, he says the dev team know about Soraka’s high win rate and have her on their radar for a nerfing – though it’s not clear yet when that might happen or what it’ll look like at the moment.

“What do I think of Soraka top thing? It’s going to have to be nerfed. Its win rate is like 56 or 57% – it’s just overpowered. So that’s what I think about it”, Browning says. “It’s not like it’s not cool. It’s cool that characters can go in other lanes but Soraka top right now is super powerful.”

“So yeah, we’re going to have to nerf it – that’s what I’m calling. We’re probably going to nerf it pretty hard. We’ll have to figure out how we do it but right now it’s actually the strongest champion you can play top except for Sett”, he explains, referring to the most recent addition to the LoL Champion roster, Sett the Juggernaut.

Soraka’s nerf doesn’t sound set in stone just yet, so it looks like we’re going to have to wait for an update further into the 2020 League of Legends patch schedule to see her changes.

In the meantime, however, LoL patch 10.3 is about to drop as of this story – and there are plenty of Champion balance changes on the way, though none for Soraka… this time.