New League of Legends Still Here cinematic is officially the best ever

The League of Legends Still Here cinematic is, in my opinion, absolutely breathtaking, and it's now LoL's most viewed video within 24 hours.

A white, furry creature wearing a black mask with glowing blue eyes crouches in a dark, snowy area, holding a bow behind her

I have sat and watched League of Legends Still Here for the past day, and I’m no closer to being bored of it. Morgana and Kayle, Tyrndamere and Ashe, Kindred and Aatrox – and, of course, Forseen Yasuo. But I’m not alone: LoL’s Season 14 cinematic has officially become the League’s most popular video in a 24 hour period.

I was lucky enough to be given a private screening of League of Legends‘ new cinematic ahead of it’s official release on January 10, and right from the start I knew it was, what one would call, ‘an absolute f**king banger.” From the track itself to the choice of champions – I’ve already rained praise on LoL’s Season 14 masterpiece, and I’m not alone in doing so.

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My wonderful partner (who has been playing a lot longer than I have) had to pick his jaw up off of the floor. The MOBA‘s fanbase has called it one of the best cinematics of all time. Still Here is a triumph, and now we’ve got the stats to prove it.

According to League Charts, a X (formerly Twitter) account that tracks various LoL statistics, Still Here has earned the most views of any other League video within a 24 hour period. A day on from it’s release, the video has accrued a colossal 21 million views – yes, really.

A huge demon with glowing red wings holding a huge sword roars in a rocky landscape

Still Here has almost doubled the views of now-second place rival, ‘MORE’, K/DA’s iconic ALL OUT track featuring Seraphine. According to League Charts, MORE pulled 12 million views in 24 hours, and is followed by the 2020 iteration of ‘Warriors’ at 10 million, then 2023 Worlds anthem ‘GODS’ at 7.4 million.

And honestly, it deserves it. As someone who has pulled away from League during Season 13, I cannot wait to dive in and check out all of the new content this evening. Oh, and there’s also the Forseen Yasuo skin, which I will be picking up immediately.

LoL is back, baby, so if you’re planning to check out the new and improved Rift, here are all of the League of Legends Season 14 changes, as well as a list of all the different skins that are available in the current League of Legends Mythic shop rotation.

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